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The WCIRB provides Experience Modification Factors (X-Mods) for California employers. It receives UNIT STAT data from insurance carriers to calculate the X-Mods. The WCIRB is very similar to NCCI.

The rates it produces are known as pure premium rates.  The California insurance carriers do not have to follow these rates.  The carriers will produce deviated rates from the recommended rates.  The deviated rates can be quite substantial compared to the pure premium rates.  The carrier must file and receive approval for their rates with the Insurance Commissioner’s office.

The WCIRB acronym stands for Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau.  It is headquartered in Oakland, CA.   Their website remains one of the better websites for worker’s comp explanatory definitions and videos.

The two main reference manuals published by the WCIRB are the USRP (Unit Statistical Reporting Plan) and ERP (Experience Rating Plan).  Each of these two manuals can be downloaded for free from their website.

The WCIRB recently changed its Experience Rating formula.  The formula now centers more on company size than in the past.  The Classification Codes it produces underwent many changes in 2019 and 2020.

The 8871 Telecommuting Class Code was added to the ratings beginning in 2000.  This change was made due to the in-home workers during the time of the pandemic.

Any rating changes by the WCIRB must be approved by the Insurance Commissioner.  The Commissioner often disagrees with or does not approve its recommendations.

An employer can request their X-Mod rating sheets from the WCIRB by filling out an online form.



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