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September 2009

California Worker’s Classification Code Changed Walking Thru Plant

California Worker’s Classification Code Oddity This Classification code for the trapped employee. A recent review by our company showed that a premium auditor in California reclassified a worker just for the fact that the employee had to walk through the plant to get to his workstation as an administrative assistant

ObamaComp Prediction Now Lives In US Senate Combining Coverages

ObamaComp (r)  Prediction Combines Health, Workers Comp and Auto Insurance The ObamaComp  prediction now possibly becomes part of a larger combination of personal and industrial coverages.  I am not one to say that I told you so, but now there is now a live bill in the Senate that would

Claims Data and Payroll – Two Headed Workers Comp Monster

Workers Comp Claims Data and Payroll Workers Comp claims data and payroll must be important. I have received many inquiries about what changes are upcoming on 10/1/09 for E-Mod/X-Mod calculations. There are changes coming and they are not minor. Believe me, they cannot be ignored unless your company has limitless funds.

Work Comp Classification Codes Are Critical To Your Policy

Your Company’s Work Comp Classification Codes Are Important Your Work  Comp classification codes are very critical to your premiums. We have received quite a few inquiries over the last few weeks about Classification Codes during premium audits by the insurance carriers. The Classification Codes are not SIC codes. However, there

EMod XMod Changes Coming Soon – Very Important

EMod XMod Changes Upcoming Will Change Premium Audits WC EMod XMod changes upcoming  may cause a new type of review. As I had posted a few months ago, the NCCI(R) has invented a new way to promulgate (calculate) Experience Modification Factors (E-Mod/X-Mod). I just received notice that the rating bureau

ObamaComp 24 Hour Coverage – Are We That Far Away From It?

ObamaComp – The New 24 Hour Coverage The ObamaComp health care program are we far from it? Before I start this blog, I wanted to say that there are no political views being expressed here. I am posting only from an analytical viewpoint. I decided to coin a new term

Current State of Workers Comp – Time To Sound Alarm?

A.M. Best Current State Of Workers Comp Should we sound the alarm for the current state of Workers Comp? . A.M. Best had recently published a few figures that were worse than I had expected for the Workers Compensation markets. A.M. Best has always seemed to make the best predictions

Social Networking Websites Ruin Workers Compensation Claimants

WC Social Networking Websites – Very Public – No Privacy Some Workers Comp claimants were not careful when  posting to social networking websites. I read a very interesting article today on how injured employees are publishing their activities on websites such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and others. I was astounded that

Most Expensive Workers Compensation Classification Codes California

Most Expensive Workers Compensation Classification Codes California Version For the most expensive Workers Compensation classification codes California seems to be the highest in the US. In performing recent premium audits for California employers, I decided to check out which type of employers paid the most for workers compensation coverage in



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