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October 2014

Save On Workers Comp Premiums – Keep Your Website Current

Save On Workers Comp Premiums With An Updated Website Keeping your company’s website up to date is one of the best ways to save on Workers Comp premiums increase your business no matter the size.  One of the first background materials we request from clients is their website address(es).  

Premium Audit Workpapers Can Save Future Headaches

Premium Audit Workpapers Are Golden The premium audit workpapers can be one of the easiest methods to document your yearly WC  premium audit.  The workpapers are prepared by the premium auditor.  They can be either hand-written or computerized, showing how the auditor arrived at the payroll numbers that are used to

China – Filing Work Comp Claim

Filing A Compensation Claim In China Has Some Similarities A Compensation claim of China filing workers. China has now overtaken us as the world’s largest economy.  China’s Workers Compensation system seems to be very complex.   The system on paper looks very straightforward.  There are five basic steps that are

Florida Court Orders Advance On Workers Compensation Benefits

Florida Court Orders Advance On TTD I was reading an article recently that referred to a Florida Court case where  a Florida school system was ordered to pay a claimant  an advance on benefits.  For an adjuster to pay benefits in advance in usually verboten in most cases.The case was HATTIE

Will Cutting or Eliminating Health Insurance Cause Rise In WC Claims

Cutting  Or Eliminating Health Insurance v. Workers Comp One of  the under-the-radar effects of cutting or eliminating health insurance is a rise in Workers Compensation claims.  If an employee has no health insurance or has to pay a very large deductible, this may cause them to turn to Workers Comp

BLS Publishes Pilot Test Modified and Restricted Duty

BLS Publishes Pilot Test – Full Of Good Info The BLS publishes pilot test on Modified and restricted duty that is  full of great charts and data. The BLS (Bureau of Labor and Statistics) has more labor statistics than any site on the web.  If you are a writer or presenter,

E-Mod Increases Sharply – Top 5 Reasons May Help Reduce

Sharp E-Mod Increases – Five Reasons We have had many inquiries on employers’  E-Mod increases (X-Mod). Some have increased very significantly in just one year. Five reasons for the sharp E-Mod increases are: The E-Mod may have grown gradually without notice.   Checking back to see the E-Mods (X-Mods) over



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