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January 2014

Snow and Ice Injuries Can Cause WC Claim Headaches

WC Claim Headaches From Snow and Ice Injuries Snow and Ice injuries can cause  a large amount of WC claim headaches. Last night, the temperature in many parts of the southeast US approached zero degrees with a blanket of ice and snow to make things even colder.  Many news reports

Insurance Journal – Congrats on Perfect Predictions for 2013

Insurance Journal Predictions Spot On The Insurance Journal came out with a prediction for 2013 that when now analyzed makes the publication have insurance credibility.    Their cyber-risk predictions were spot on. (It is sometimes necessary to veer off from Workers Compensation when something occurs that stands way out from

Workers Comp Policy – Reading It Worth Time And Effort

Workers Comp Policy Should Be Read In-house Reading your workers comp policy may not seem really worth your time.  After all, is that not your agent’s job?  Actually, it is your or someone in your company’s unique responsibility.  Nowhere in any WC policy does it instruct or even advise you

Job Alcohol v. Marijuana Debate – A Great Article Readers Question

On The Job Alcohol v. Marijuana Debate The Job Alcohol v. Marijuana debate usually ends up with an interesting discussion.   The job alcohol v.  marijuana debate pits the right to privacy against the right to a safe workplace. A very interesting question popped up on the LinkedIn Work Comp Analysis

Workers Compensation Hard Market Employers – How To Prepare

Workers Compensation Hard Market Preparation and Solutions Employers need to know how to prepare for a Workers Compensation hard market. China’s upcoming cash crunch may possibly never occur except there is an upcoming default by a major bank.   I am not a financial doomsday prepper.   However, in the

China Banking Crisis May Have Effect On US Insurers

The China Banking Crisis and Insurance Markets The China banking crisis that is supposed to arrive on January 31st may have an effect on US insurers.   A few articles over the last three month warned of a possible money crunch in China.  An article appeared in some of the

Premium Audit Disputes and Collection Agencies Warning

Premium Audit Disputes Warning Since the first of the year, a large number of inquiries on premium audit disputes from employers with premium  audit disputes. I am not sure if insurance carriers by contract can do this – but a large number of disputed bills are being forwarded to collection

California’s Rating Bureau (WCIRB) Great E-Mod X-Mod Explanation

California’s Rating Bureau (WCIRB) The WCRIB – California’s Workers Compensation Rating Bureau (similar to NCCI) has written quite a few great plain-language documents on explaining how X-Mods (E-Mods, EMR’s, Mods,etc.)  affect employers.  One of those can be found by clicking here. Their X-Mod formula is slightly different from most of

IRS Advice on Subcontractor vs. Employee Conundrum – National Outlook

IRS Advice on Subcontractor vs. Employee  Determination The IRS advice has been updated on the Subcontractor vs. Employee conundrum.  The best way to understand IRS advice in this article is to follow all the links below. The Internal Revenue Service periodically publishes updates on how an employer should differentiate between

Radium Girls Horrific Injuries Occupational Disease Laws Beginning

The Radium Girls and Occupational Disease Laws The term Radium Girls represents a defining moment of Occupational disease laws for Workers Compensation.  Occupational disease calculations have been the bane of many actuaries and underwriters. The  Incurred But Not Reported (IBNR) injuries are extremely hard to estimate in the area of

Workers Comp Self Insured Resolutions Five From 2013 updated for 2014

Workers Comp Self Insured Resolutions – Updated for 2014 Five 2013 Workers Comp self insured resolutions have been updated for 2014. When talking about Workers Comp premiums, self insureds are often left out in the cold.  Self insureds do not pay premiums for Workers Comp. This actually exposes the self insured

Workers Comp Resolutions Six 2013 Updated For 2014

Workers Comp Resolutions Updated for 2014 Most Workers Comp Resolutions can change each year as do personal resolutions for the New Year.  Workers Compensation’s basic underpinnings really do not change that much each year. Below are the 2013 Workers Comp Premium Saving resolutions with a few updates for 2014.  



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