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October 2021

Light Duty Return to Work Issues – NWCDC 2021 – Breakout Session

Good Basic Session on Light Duty Return to Work Issues and Challenges I attended and took notes on this NWCDC breakout session concerning light duty return to work.   This was a good basic session from two national employers.  One of the challenges, as we all know, is each state is

Workers Comp Experience Mods Decentralized – Bad Move?

New York Workers Comp Experience Mods Now Independent – What That Means Combining many states into a single number is one of the great time-saving aspects of interstate workers comp experience mods. Correction – North Carolina is still in the NCCI Interstate Mod System. NCCI published a newsletter this morning. 

2021 NWCDC – Leading a Resilient Claims Organization Thru Uncertainty

2021 NWCDC – Leading a Resilient Claims Organization Thru Uncertainty & Change This was the first session that I set through at the 2021 NWCDC.  The session had two of my favorite workers’ comp people – Rachel Fikes of Rising Medical and Denise Zoe-Algire of Albertsons Companies.  The two other

2021 NWCDC Conference – The Great And An Area For Improvement

2021 NWCDC Conference in Las Vegas Great Break from Video Conferences The 2021 NWCDC Conference in Las Vegas was worth attending even though the crowd was smaller this year.  I give the sponsors and BOD credit for having a large in-person conference during the end of the pandemic.   I decided

Hawaii Heavy Rate Increase – It’s The Medical Severity Stupid

Hawaii Heavy Rate Increase Likely Due To Medical Severity + 1 A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on the 27+% rate disparity between the NCCI rated states.  I promised to review why the reason for the 2020 Hawaii heavy rate increase when most states were lowering their advisory

Workers Comp Video Presentations – 10 Ways To Blow Them Up

Workers Comp Video Presentations And The Dreaded ZZZZ List All of us have survived Workers Comp video presentations over the last 20 months.   Many of them were well done such as the 2021 NCCI Annual Symposium.  Some showed how an ill-prepared group of presenters amplify their mistake of throwing together

NCCI Catastrophe Code 12 – Use or Lose It Class Code (Of Sorts)

Not All Claims Should Have NCCI Catastrophe Code 12 – But Some Should The COVID 19 Code Will Save You Premiums I was reviewing how NCCI was handling the catastrophe code that COVID 19 claims would be coded under to not have the claims count against an employer’s Mod.  <<<extremely

Long Tail Experience Mods From 20 Year Business Cycles A Good Idea

20 Year Business Cycles Show Need For Long Tail Experience Mods Would long tail Experience Mods benefit employers and insurance carriers?  Let us first look at the definitions of the two terms.  Hang in there – this concept has to build up for a few paragraphs. Long Tail Statistics When

Academy of Insurance – 7 Ways To Blow Up Your Workers Comp Program

Check out this new webinar I am teaching on Thursday at the Insurance Journal’s Academy of Insurance. I think it goes up 40% in price after tomorrow  (Wednesday).  If you are a member of the Academy, then you get to watch it Thursday and the recording afterwards for free. The



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