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January 2020

NCCI 2020 Data Reporting Conference – Nuggets of Excellent Information

NCCI 2020 Data Reporting Conference West Palm Beach Worth The Time and Travel Spent The NCCI 2020 Data Reporting Conference ran from January 28th through today, January 31st at the Palm Beach Convention Center, West Palm Beach, Florida. The weather was superb. The only bad weather was late at night

WCIRB Conference Oakland CA HQ Last Week Lasted 90 Minutes

WCIRB Conference Oakland CA – My Mistake Turned Out OK From The WCIRB Conference Oakland CA – my mistake on thinking it was a full-day conference.  The WCIRB used to host one day conferences.  Their conference booklets from 2002 – 2010 still sit in my bookshelf. If you search this

Bulk Workers’ Comp Claim Settlements Are Nothing New

How To Set Up Your Own Bulk Workers’  Comp Claim Settlements One of the major retailers published a news release concerning bulk Workers’ Comp claim settlements. The company had found out that many settlements had one or two sticking points that could easily settle by settling some of the “small

California Assembly Bills Try To Right The Wrongs of AB 5

Possible Corrections To AB 5 Introduced With Two New California Assembly Bills Two California Assembly Bills were introduced very quickly after the rumble caused by California AB 5 since the Bill became law on January 1, 2020.  California Assembly Bill 5 ratified the famous 2018 Dynamex court decision. Many people

California AB 5 Causes Workers Comp Conundrum For Gig Workers

New California AB 5 Legislation Causes Confusion for Gig Workers And Comp Carriers The New California AB 5 (Assembly Bill 5) has the gig worker economy up in arms.   Let us start with the Bill itself.  The Bill can be found here.  Reading it over may be a good idea.



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