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October 2017

Independent Contractor Employee Checklist Employers Contractors

Progressive Insurance Workers Comp Commercial Mentions Replacing Injured Worker Progressive Insurance Workers Comp comment caught me a little off-guard with one of Flo’s(r) comments. The comment is not in print on their Workers Comp or Commercial Insurance webpages. Binging on a Saturday of college football and finding information for an

NCCI Workers Comp Medical Cost Discovery – PHC Best Measurement

New NCCI Workers Comp Medical Cost Discovery – One To Definitely Download and Read A new NCCI Workers Comp medical cost discovery was met with a suspicious eye by me.   Then again, the study, summary, and whitepaper came from the venerable organization.   NCCI (National Compensation Council Inc) is headquartered in

Experience Mod Calculation Shortcut With 10 Ways To Reduce

The Experience Mod Calculation Shortcut – Back To Basics Lately,  Experience Mod calculation questions have come into our offices at a very high rate compared to other subjects.   The Experience Mod is also known as E-Mod, X-Mod, EMR, etc.   Many factors exist that can change your Workers Comp premium.   The

WCAN WCIRB California Workers Compensation – 2017

WCAN WCIRB California Workers Comp Full Analysis (Great Charts) The WCAN WCIRB California Analysis of Workers Comp  consisted of many great charts.   The WCAN  (Workers Comp Action Network) provided a great link to a very thorough breakdown of everything you want to know about California Workers Compensation in 2017. The



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