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March 2014

New York Workers Compensation Board Assesses Tina Fey $79,000 Fine

 Tina Fey Fined By New York Workers Compensation Board The New York Workers Compensation Board has fined a very unusual company- actually the actress Tina Fey. According to an article in the Smoking Gun, Tina Fey of Saturday Night fame was hit with a $79,000 judgment by the New York

Certificates of Insurance – Delaware Increases Fraud Enforcement

Certificates of Insurance – Delaware Toughens On Improper Use A big change in Certificates of Insurance  (Certs) – Delaware recently decided to increase the enforcement of their laws by amending their old laws on improper certificate use. Certs have long been a bane of premium auditors nationwide which has resulted

Texas – Did Banning Informal WC Networks Cost Employers

WC Networks Cost Texas Employers According to WCRI WC Networks Cost employers in Texas. Did Texas make a large inadvertent mistake?  WCRI recently completed  a study CompScope™ Medical Benchmarks for Texas 14th Edition,.  One of the conclusions of the study was the growth in medical payments per workers’ compensation claim in Texas was

Shocking Discovery – Workers Compensation Insurance Began 2050 BC

Ancient Sumeria Invented Workers Compensation Insurance The origins of Workers Compensation Insurance is much more ancient than in the early 1900’s.  I had always thought the beginnings of the WC system involved merchant ships or started in Wisconsin. This article from the State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development  (DWD)

Paying Supplemental Wages While Injured Employee TTD

Paying Supplemental Wages To Injured Employees Analyzed Is Paying Supplemental Wages while injured employee is TTD OK? I was asked this question twice over the last month.  This is one of those areas where an employer wants to help an injured employee by paying his/her shortfall while the employee is out

WCRI – How Economy Drives Financial Performance of WC – Live

Economy Drives Work Comp Success – WCRI A great presentation on how the Economy Drives the financial performance of WC. .Dr. Harry Shuford from NCCI –  One of the best presentations so far at this conference.   This was great data analyses.  He should have been given longer than 30

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) Cost Factors – WCRI- Live

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) Four State Comparison Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) Cost Factors.  Difference for same type of surgery = 300%  between the states. Neighboring states – MD and VA or NY and CT  have  large differences  in ASC charges. Fee schedule states ASC’s usually charge less.  Variability of ASC charges

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Effects on WC – LIVE WCRI

Affordable Care Act – Effect on Workers Comp- LIVE The Effect of Th Affordable Care Act(Obamacare) on WC could be significant. Dr. Richard Victor-  (Will update during presentation until finished) – not edited until final version The effects of ACA on WC are: (could be): Increased demand for medical care Shortage of

Texas Reforms Results Analysis – WCRI – Blogging Live

Texas Reforms – WCRI Conference – Live blogging The new Texas reforms  were presented along with the preliminary results. This is a very informative conference-session. The current  session is pre- and-post reforms in the state of TX. This example could be applied to other states with upcoming or in-place reforms

WCRI (Workers Comp Research Conference) – Reporting Live

WCRI (Workers Comp Research Conference) Workers Comp Research Conference reporting live. First Session is ACA (American Healthcare Act) effects on Workers Comp.  Dr. Jon Gruber–  Wow this conference is packed.   Kudos to WCRI.   Everyone from WCRI was very helpful and hooked me up to the hotel wireless system



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