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February 2022

Behavioral Control – IRS Updates Independent Contractor Factor

Behavioral Control – IRS Recent Update Includes Four Factors One of the most confusing areas for most companies is how to treat individuals and companies they hire for projects.   Company owners and CFOs are sometimes left scratching their heads at making these determinations.  One of the most important aspects of

Independent Contractor Definition – IRS Updates Website

IRS Narrows Independent Contractor Definition This topic has been covered many times in the articles on this website.  In October 2021, the IRS seems to have narrowed the independent contractor definition. The debate on who is or is not an independent contractor still occurs today.   We received a call last

WCRI 2022 Annual Conference – Workers Comp Info Extravaganza

WCRI 2022 Annual Conference In-Persson Workers Comp Numbers The WCRI 2022 Annual Conference will be back to in-person on March 16 – 17 at the Westin Copley Square in Boston, MA.  If you have not signed up, you should do so soon.  Let us look at what they will be

Workers Comp Residual Market Forum – NCCI Covers Underserved Niche

NCCI Workers Comp Residual Market Forum – Quiet Market Segment Review Last week, I attended/watched the NCCI Workers Comp Residual Market Forum.  The Forum was usually provided to carriers only in the past.  I decided to not pass up the chance to see the numbers on a huge market that

J&L Risk Management Articles – How To Access The Whole Picture

J&L Risk Management Articles – Six Steps For Easier Access The website contains over 2,000 J&L Risk Management articles.  Use these six steps to make sure that you have found all the articles that pertain to the subject that brought you to our website. If you are reading this info,

Workers Comp Self Insurance Calendar – Important Dates To Remember

Workers Comp Self-Insurance Calendar – Repetitiveness is Key Last week, I wrote an article on the voluntary market policy calendars. I did not want to leave out self-insureds as I sometimes forget is 15% of the market needs to be considered more often in studies, articles, and even in my

Workers Comp Insurance Calendar – Looking At Important Dates

Workers Comp Insurance Calendar – Let’s Look At What/When A J&L blog and newsletter reader asked the question earlier this month – we just renewed so what is our Workers Comp insurance calendar going to look like for 2022 – 2023? Most of the 2,000+ articles I have written come

Why Workers Comp Insurance Carriers Wait Six Months To Report Claims

Workers Comp Insurance Carriers And The Reporting Cycle Why Do Workers Comp Insurance carriers take so damned long to report claims to the rating bureaus (NCCI, WCIRB)?  Are they lazy? Can they not get their act together?  We have a loss run sitting right in front of us two weeks



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