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April 2013

IRS Amnesty Program Causes Work Comp Class Code Confusion

IRS Amnesty Program Has Nothing To Do With Class Codes The IRS has initiated an amnesty program for Worker Classifications.  This is not the same as Workers Compensation Classification codes.  The amnesty program was designed for whether workers are independent contractors or employees.   This is a great article on the

Opt Out Benefit Surprise For Oklahoma and Texas From ACA

Opt Out Benefit Suprise – May Be Subject to ACA The Texas and Oklahoma systems get an Opt Out benefit surprise. Oklahoma and Texas will be the two states with opt out provision in their Workers Comp Laws.   One of the areas of concern with the upcoming passage of

Oklahoma’s Workers Comp Opt Out Program Trumped By Obamacare

Oklahoma’s Workers Comp Opt Out Program vs Obamacare Oklahoma’s new opt out program legislation is working its way through the very long path to becoming law sometime in 2013.  The likely passage of the bill has created quite a buzz on the Workers Comp airwaves. One of the more interesting

Nebraska Supreme Court Changes Workers Comp System

Nebraska Supreme Court The following  Nebraska Supreme Court case could be considered more social legislation such as the infamous Florida decision that can actually wreck a Workers Comp system.   For readability, I decided to include all of the decision. You can also find the case here. This will have

How to Reduce Experience Mods – Presentation Tomorrow in Raleigh

How To Reduce Experience Mods Presentation Raleigh How to reduce experience Mods will be presented by  James J Moore, our founder,  tomorrow in Raleigh. He will be presenting on the new NCCI or NC Rate Bureau Mod Calculation changes later this month at Job Ready Services in Raleigh.   You can register

California Physical Premium Audits Increasing For Certain Classifications

California Physical Premium Audits The rules for California physical premium audits have changed recently.  The WCIRB (California’s Rating Bureau) recently released a reminder memo on the upcoming changes for 2014 Workers policies that have payroll developed under what is called a High Wage/Dual Wage Classification.    Physical audits will be required for all

Extremely High E-Mod Question And Ten Ways to Fix

Fixes For Extremely High E-Mod Fixes for an Extremely High E-Mod are available if a company is patient.  I received this question from a blog reader last week.   Our E-Mod has been running over 1.4 since our company has been in existence.  It is now in excess of 1.7.

North Carolina Industrial Commission Employer Search Returns

North Carolina Industrial Commission Coverage Search Open Again The North Carolina Industrial Commission has returned to allowing web searches for employers’ Workers Compensation coverage.    The website was removed after some very not-so-intelligent legislation that barred anyone from viewing this info. The ill-timed legislation was enacted following the discovery by

Workers Comp Policy Bill Finalized With Premium Audit

Final Workers Comp Policy Bill Comes From The Premium Audit The final Workers Comp Policy bill  results directly from premium audit.  I received a question late last night on the last article I wrote on Deposit Premium.   The question – (paraphrased) was: We paid a very large deposit premium

Deposit Premium Has Very Little To Do With Final Bill

Workers Compensation Deposit Premium <> Final Policy Bill We are starting to notice a trend between your company’s initial deposit premium and the final premium audit bill.   The deposit premium is just that – a deposit to bind coverage.   We hear from many company owners and risk managers

When Articles Hide Real Study Results – The Read Meat Example

Real Study Results Are Sometimes Hard To Find The real study results are sometimes hidden or not even included in the article itself. Workers Compensation statistics can be used to make an invalid point by massaging the data to make sure the data fits the assertion.  Overall, misleading statistics are

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Basic Mod Formula Calculation Easier To Follow Than Rating Bureau

Most Basic Mod Formula The most Basic Mod formula how is it calculated? We receive a large number of calls and emailed questions on how Mods (E-Mods or X-Mods) are promulgated by NCCI, WCIRB,  or State Rating Bureau. One of the most common scenarios is when an employer’s  Mod increases

Workers Comp Program At Bankrupt City of Stockton California

The Bankrupt City of Stockton California The largest bankrupt city in the nation – Stockton, CA is self insured with CorVel as the Third Party Administrator (TPA).  Stockton’s Workers Comp program seems to still be a fully funded self insured program. One of the Five Keys To Saving Workers Comp



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