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November 2007

Monitor Your Claims Easily and Lower Your Workers Comp Premiums

Monitor Your Claims Access Online – Worth Every Extra Penny How is the best way to monitor your claims and Workers Comp premiums?  Accessing them online gives you 24/7/365 control. If you have online access to your Work Comp claims notes, reserve history, background, etc, then you are in possession

Work Comp Adjuster Top 10 Contact Recommendations

Work Comp Adjuster Contact Can Affect Reserves Heavily Did you contact your Work Comp Adjuster this week or month?  Why did you not? If you have found something questionable about your total incurred or reserves, then you may want to contact your Work Comp adjuster.   Politeness and establishing a

Workers Comp Reserve Reviews Loss Run Best Reduction Strategy

Workers Comp Reserve Reviews Start With Current Loss Run The start to effective Workers Comp reserve reviews begins with a current loss run – hopefully online.  This is the area that seems to be the most misunderstood. We often have employers contact us about a loss run they had just

Reduce Premiums – Fastest Way With Workers Comp Reserve Review

Fastest Way To Reduce Premiums Reserve Review Performing a Workers Comp reserve review is the key to reduce premiums of your reserves very quickly. Your Workers Comp premiums can be reduced very QUICKLY  in most situations.. It is the reserve review. The reserves are the engine of the premium charging

Workers Comp Audit Bills – Your Company’s Call To Action

Workers Comp Audit Bills – Do Not Just File Them Away The Workers Comp audit bills from your insurance carrier require some type of action.  The insurance carrier’s Workers Comp payroll auditor has been in for an audit. A few days later you receive a bill. What are your options?

Workers Comp Insurance Premium Auditor – Who Exactly Are They?

The Main Role Of  The Workers Comp Insurance Premium Auditor The Workers Comp insurance premium auditor works for or is hired by the insurance carrier to perform premium or payroll audits. The most calls and emails that we receive are just after a company has received their yearly Workers Comp

Payroll (Premium Audits) – Mother Of All Workers Comp Budget Busters

Three Types Of Payroll (Premium Audits) Payroll (Premium Audits) – the mother of all Workers Comp budget busters. There are three kinds of Premium Audits – also called Payroll Audits. Usually, the audit is conducted within 60 days after the end of a policy period. There are three types of premium/payroll

Four Factors That Are Critical When Accident Happens

Four Factors When The Claim Occurs Are Critical The four factors are: How was the employee treated by their employer at the time of the claim? Did the employer have a medical network established to send the employee to for treatment? Was that employee sent to an established network medical

Workers Comp Claims Over in 48 Hours – Direction Established

Workers Comp Claims – Everything Established in 48 Hours The Workers Comp claim time-clock consists of two days after the accident. This is one of the most startling truths about Workers Compensation claims. This is why immediate notice of the claim being filed with your Work Comp carrier is so

Workers Comp E-Mods and Loss Runs – Few Misconceptions

Most Workers Comp E-Mods And Loss Runs Misconceptions The Workers Comp E-Mods and Loss Runs misconceptions that we have seen are: Only the open claims make a difference on the E-Mod – any claims opened within certain policy periods affect the E-Mod no matter whether they are closed or open

Workers Comp Question From One of Our Blog Readers

Main Workers Comp Question At Presentations and Meetings A great Workers Comp Question was asked by one of our blog readers. This is a question that we are asked quite often at presentations and at client meetings. What is the difference between paid, total incurred, and reserves on our Work

Professional Employer Organizations PEOs Money Saving Option

Questions on Professional Employer Organizations A new “old trend” in Workers Compensation. Professional Employer Organizations (PEO’s) is another area we are questioned on when we talk or consult with employers. The main question we receive on them is about the recent investigations and convictions of some of the larger PEO’s



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