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November 2008

Will New Administration Change Workers Compensation System?

New Administration Changes = Federalization? I have received a few questions since the elections concerning any  new administration changes that may take place. In my opinion, there will not be very many changes as long as each state regulates its Workers Compensation system. I do not think that Workers Comp

Workers Comp Claim Medical Costs – Fast Way To Reduce?

Workers Comp Claim Medical Treatment Do the Workers Comp claim medical treatment costs affect my claims cost the most? In my opinion, controlling the workers comp claim medical treatment is the quickest way to cut your Workers Comp costs. Controlling the medical costs not only means using the medical networks

Ohio BWC (Bureau of Workers Compensation) Loses Major Court Case

Ohio BWC Loses Court Case On Interesting Premium Calculations I had previously posted about how the Ohio BWC  is not acting as a true insurer and is using number voodoo to charge smaller employers outrageous premiums while giving certain employer groups enormous discounts. Ohio small businesses were being discriminated against

Two Monopolistic State Funds Strike Again Recently

Ohio And North Dakota Monopolistic State Funds I do not wish to pick on any of the monopolistic state funds. I have passed over commenting on quite a few articles referring to Ohio and North Dakota. However, these two news items were too major to ignore. North Dakota – A

Records Storage Question From California Reader

Workers Comp Records Storage For Documents Workers Comp records storage tends to be one of the least mentioned subjects. One of my blog readers from California asks how long should records for Workers Comp be stored before being destroyed. My answer actually applies to all states with all types of

Assigned Risk Pools Generated Large Number of Questions

Questions About Assigned Risk Pools Last week, I posted a short note about the Assigned Risk Pools for Workers Compensation in West Virginia. I received quite a few questions about the Assigned Risk Pool from West Virginia and other states. It seems that quite a few additional employers are being

West Virginia Assigned Risk Pool

West Virginia Assigned Risk Pool Still Exists Employers may be placed in the West Virginia Assigned Risk Pool.  As of 1/1/09,  Brickstreet will have the option to not renew Workers Compensation policies with certain employers. The West Virginia Assigned Risk Pool is where a group of insurance companies will be

Workers Comp Policy Renewal Is Almost Here, What To Do Now?

Your Workers Comp Policy Renewal Dates vs.  E-Mod If your Workers Comp policy renewal date occurs on 1/1/09, what can you do about your Workers Comp E-Mod? That answer is nothing at all. I have found that quite a few insurance carriers will do claim reviews in the months of

Monopolistic States Correction Removes Nevada From List

Monopolistic States Number Correction Removes Nevada I had posted incorrectly earlier on monopolistic states. I posted a blog a few months ago that indicated there were six Workers Compensation Monopolistic states. At the time, I had included Nevada. Nevada had already become an open market system. That would leave five



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