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September 2018

What Is A Guaranteed Cost Program In Workers Compensation?

Article Reader Asks Good Basic Question on Guaranteed Cost Program What is a guaranteed cost program?  Is that the type of policy I have in place now?   A great question on a basic subject was emailed in by one of our new newsletter subscribers. A Guaranteed Cost program means that

Switching Workers Comp Carriers Early Can Be Expensive

Switching Workers Comp Carriers Too Early Very Costly Switching workers comp carriers can be a trying task at renewal.   During the year, that option can be very costly due to the Short Rate Penalty.  The various state insurance departments decided to eliminate or at least heavily discourage employers from jumping

Personal Sensitivity Claims Complicated Workers Compensation Matter

Personal Sensitivity Claims – Frustrating For Employees and Adjusters A large number of personal sensitivity claims have created a large chasm between workers compensation adjusters and employees who report this type of claim. General sensitivity claims can be defined as where the employee reports a claim that may have been

Civil Engineer Asks Great Worker Compensation Class Code Question

Civil Engineer Was On The Right Track With Workers Compensation Codes A civil engineer was looking over the house that I am presently selling.   He had asked me what I do for a living.  I had told him that I am a worker’s compensation consultant. He posed this question –



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