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August 2014

Loss Development Factor – Do I Need One – How Do I Get One

Loss Development Factor Critical For Self Insurance Do I need Loss Development Factor? Loss Development Factors (LDFs) are one of the under-the-radar parts of the Workers Compensation system.   This was a question received last week by a reader that found the blog on Google. LDFs can be thought of

What Would Happen If Workers’ Compensation Ended Tomorrow?

Workers’ Compensation Ended Tomorrow – Then What? If Workers’ Compensation ended tomorrow, what would be the result? One of the more prolific bloggers such as myself recently published an article that was titled “Without Comp.”   I started thinking what would happen if Workers Comp was completely abolished for injured

California SB 863 Failure Result In 6.7% WCIRB Rate Increase?

California SB 863 California SB 863 was supposed to be a cost-cutting measure for all parties involved in their WC system.  Last week, the WCIRB  (Workers Comp Insurance Rating Bureau) recommended a 6.7% increase due to a number of factors for policies effective January 1, 2015.   According to the

IRS Independent Contractor Determination Not Magic

IRS Independent Contractor Determination The IRS independent contractor determination can be very helpful to contracting companies.   The IRS recently updated their info on the Employee vs. Independent Contractor determination decision by an employer. The complete breakdown of the common law rules the IRS independent contractor determination is listed in this

Independent Contractor vs Employee Definition From IRS

Independent Contractor vs Employee Definition The independent contractor vs employee definition has been the bane of companies for many years. The Internal Revenue Service is always a great place to find information on independent contractors. Of course, the information is common law and your applicable states or states may vary

Massachusetts And Independent Contractor Determination

Massachusetts And Independent Contractor The Massachusetts has an interesting take on independent contractors.  One of the hottest topics that still generates interests over the years is the subcontractor vs. employee debate. Many states have publicized cracking down on “1099 employees.”Massachusetts has a landmark case that has been used for determining

Live CA WCIRB Webinar On State Of California’s Work Comp System

CA WCIRB Webinar The following is a great live CA WCIRB webinar that was typed in as it happened. Please excuse any typos, weird language as I am typing this live as I hear it.   Thanks for the understanding. Check back often as this blog will keep updating, if

Recent Nebraska Supreme Court Cases Underwriter Adjuster Changes

Nebraska Supreme Court Cases Two days ago, I analyzed a recent court case where the Nebraska Supreme Court Cases made a ruling that can devastate a state’s Workers Comp system. The conundrum is two-fold for carriers and self-insureds and their Third Party Administrators (TPA’s): How do the insurance carriers make

Nebraska Supreme Court – Another Bad Decision

Nebraska Supreme Court Makes Surprising Decision The Nebraska Supreme Court as State Supreme Courts seem to do more often lately- affirmed the Workers Comp court’s decision in one of those cases that send a chill throughout the Workers Compensation community. The full decision can be found here.   This is a .PDF



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