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December 2008

Self Insureds And Workers Comp System – Misconceptions

Workers Comp Self Insureds Common Misconceptions I have heard from many self insureds that I do not post often enough about the trials and tribulations of handling a Workers Comp Self Insured Program. They are/were correct. I am going to post a few blogs on self insurance over the next few

Red Flags You May be Overpaying Your Workers Comp Payroll Audit

Your Workers Comp Red Flags Due To Payroll Audit The red flags on your payroll or premium audit cause employers to email us very often. The following is a short list of what we have seen in client files nationwide when we perform audits for employers. After the Audit Has

Payroll Audit Date Most Important Date For Employers Premiums

Your Workers Comp Premiums – Payroll Audit Date The payroll audit date comes around once a year.   This date should be marked on all employer calendars. Your workers comp premiums center around a date that many companies ignore.  In my last post, I pointed out that if your company has

More on Recession proofing Your Workers Comp Policies

Workers Comp Recession Proofing – Another Angle The Recession proofing program centers this times on reserves. I have received quite a few emailed comments and questions about the current recession. Quite a few forward-thinking employers have asked about the quickest method or methods to reduce Workers Comp premiums in 2009.

Expected Has Come To Pass With Hardening of Insurance Markets

Workers Comp Insurance Markets Likely Hardening The Hardening of Insurance Markets occurred for Workers Comp recently.  The old soft market is no longer with us. I was very surprised that it took this long for the market to harden. This includes Workers Comp insurance and all other insurance coverages. In

Ohio Workers Comp Lawsuit Revisited After Court Decision

Ohio Workers Comp Changing With Recent Court Decision The Ohio Workers Comp lawsuit result indicated a bad result for the monopolistic carrier.  I had posted on this situation November 22nd. If a judge can grasp why the state cannot artificially structure the Workers Comp premium rates for Ohio business, why

Reserve Review Timing – Watch Your Unit Stat Date Closely

Unistat Date Reserve Review Timing As I posted last time, the Reserve Review timing has nothing to do with your policy renewal date. Do not waste your time with reserve reviews at your policy renewal, as your E-Mod has already been calculated with figures from six months before the end

Is It Really Crunch Time For Your Workers Comp Policy?

Workers Comp Policy Renewals on January 1st – Crunch Time? I often hear that this is the crunch time for all agents, as there are so many policies renewing on January 1st of every year. That may be true – but is it crunch time for you as the employer?



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