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June 2019

Breaking – Pharmaceutical Study – WCRI Covers Trends In 27 States

WCRI Pharmaceutical  Study Shows Decreased Use In Almost 27 States WCRI  (Worker’s Compensation Research Institute – Boston, MA_  just released a vast pharmaceutical study that covered trends in 27 states. One of the authors was Dr.  Vennela Thumula.  I have had the pleasure of speaking with her at length concerning

Premium Audit Report vs Bill vs Statement- Important Reader Question

Newsletter Reader Asks What Is the Difference Between a Premium Audit Statement, Premium Audit Bill, and Premium Audit Report? A premium audit report, statement, or bill all refer to the premium audit process.   Many employers think these mean the same report.   Each one is a different report on the same

A Work Comp Claims Department and Chernobyl – One Major Similarity

Work Comp Claims Department and Chernobyl –  Manuals Will Not Fix  The Problem How does a Work Comp Claims Department and Chernobyl end up in the same passage? The article title originates from an extremely highly lauded book – Midnight in Chernobyl.   The author’s breadth and depth of what

Work Comp Claims Adjuster Survey – Finally – Your Opinion Matters

Register Your Opinion Anonymously – National Work Comp Claims Adjusters Survey The Work Comp Claims Adjusters seem to be the quiet majority (Orwell 1984 reference) of most insurance companies and Third Party Administrators. Any person that works in the worker’s comp claims arena knows that sometimes they are completely left

New York Opioid Dealer Law – Long Island Lawmaker’s Aggressive Stance

A suggested New York Opioid dealer law caught my eye as I paged through numerous workers’ compensation articles this week.   A Long Island lawmaker suggested a death sentence for any illegal opioid transactions. According to the associated article and video: Long Island Assemblyman Mike LiPetri is proposing a new law

Blue Cross Blue Shield Program Great Risk Management

Blue Cross Blue Shield Program Cuts Healthcare Costs A Blue Cross Blue Shield program email appeared in my email inbox last week.   The email pointed out that I could have a well-being appointment and pay no co-pays or deductibles.   The program even covered the labs at 100%. The Affordable Care

Our OSHA Consultant – Safety Metrics Part 3 of 4 – The Lunch Numbers

Safety Metrics, Keeping  your Cool in a Hot Zone – The Safety Lunch Safety metrics is the way we will measure our safety program.   Without measurements we have nothing. On our third install we will follow Nate and Fanta  out to lunch. Fanta )   “  So Nate  what  kind of 



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