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August 2021

WALSH Jurisdiction Test Applied By South Dakota Supreme Court

South Dakota Supreme Court Applies WALSH Jurisdiction Test To Injured Trucker The South Dakota Supreme Court recently covered the WALSH Jurisdiction Test for jurisdiction in a recent decision.   Let us look at the five factors of this test and how they were applied in this case. I first saw this

Workers Comp Benefits Quiz – Test Your Knowledge – Updated

Workers Comp Benefits Quiz – 10 Quick Questions – Answered Most of the answers to this workers comp benefits quiz are in the articles that I have written since 2007.  Good luck. The answers will be provided on Monday, August 23rd with an article update.  If there are any questions

Hybrid Premium Audit Prep – Update to Last Week’s Article

Hybrid Premium Audit Prep – Changing the Paradigm For Employers Last week, I promised that I would write or update an article to the Zoom Hybrid premium audit article.  Most of what this article covers are the same as the in-person and hybrid premium audit prep that I have covered

Zoom Hybrid Premium Audits Becoming Standard Procedure

Zoom Hybrid Premium Audits – Not Just Temporary Pandemic Fix I had thought Zoom hybrid premium audits were going to fade away once the pandemic settles down to allow in-person meetings again.   Since the beginning of the pandemic, one new type of premium audit came to the forefront. Clients contacted

Workers Comp Claim Files Missing One Important Easy Task

Workers Comp Claim Files – Three-Point Contact Disappeared One task that workers comp claim files need has seemed to disappear over the years.   Most adjusters can make their lives much easier by accomplishing this one task upfront.   In the 13 workers comp adjuster everyday to-do list, this has to be

Insurance Blogging – Give It A Try – Five Easy Steps – One Secret

Insurance Blogging – Easy To Start – Hard To Keep Going My own experience with insurance blogging started in 2007.  I attended a conference in Atlanta on social media when it really started rolling along in 2008.  That is when I decided to start blogging very heavily and to have

Insurance Interns Are Untapped Source For Future Employees

Training Insurance Interns – Great Way To Hire Future Employees Insurance interns are one of the more enjoyable ways to fill a company’s vacancies.  J&L has hired many college students over the years.  Many times, we knew the college interns were not going to stay and work for us.  The



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