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December 2010

General Inclusions

General Inclusions – Term Of The Day In Workers Compensation, there are employers that may operate what seems to be two separate businesses. There are

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General Exclusions

Term Of The Day – General Exclusions General Exclusions cover unique exposures. In Workers Compensation, most employees are assigned one classification code. Certain operations present

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Certificate Holder

Certificate Holder-Workers Comp Term  The Certificate Holder is the entity that actually purchased the policy from the insurer. They are shown on the certificate of

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Funded Self-Insurance

 Term Of The Day – Funded Self-Insurance Funded self-insurance is also referred to as accountant’s self insurance. An account or accounts are set up in

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Quantitative Claim Auditing

Term Of The Day – Quantitative Claim Auditing A quantitative claim auditing term of the day. The quantitative claim differs from Qualitative auditing. This is one

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Deposit Premium

Term Of The Day – Deposit Premium The Deposit premium is unique from regular insurance premiums, because they are refundable should either the insured or

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What Are “A” Rates ?

Term Of the Day – “A” Rates When analyzing the premiums that very large deductible insureds pay their carriers, we often come across what is

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Standard Exceptions

Term Of The Day – Standard Exceptions The Standard Exceptions in a Workers Comp policy reduce premium payouts for the safer workers at a give

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