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March 2009

Large Deductible Programs Can Be Reviewed for Premiuim Overcharges

Large Deductible Programs Reviewable For Premium Recoveries Most Large Deductible Programs were ignored by auditors in the employer premium recovery industry for many years. We often hear from very large companies that they are in a large deductible programs and that examining the Workers Comp Audit (by the insurance carrier)

Quick Apology To Our Readers For Bad Blogger Day

A Quick Apology To Our Devout Article Readers A quick apology to all readers. We have been informed by Blogger that some of the previous and archived posts may not be or may not have been accessible.  This may have resulted in a 404 Error, especially if you are using

In Defense of AIG – Insurance Part Was Functioning Well

In Defense of AIG – The Workers Compensation Part  The defense of AIG for the insurance part of the company made me hesitate.  I had written this post a few weeks ago.  I was just not sure that I wanted to take the heat of defending one of the most

Workers Comp Audit Workpapers – What Are They?

Workers Comp Audit Workpapers =Premium Auditors Paper Trail The Workers Comp Audit Workpapers are the auditor’s complete calculations that were created during the audit.  They are very important to understand what calculations, payroll, and other information were used to produce the final calculations on the policy. If you receive an

Estimated Premium Audit On Workers Comp Policy – Question

Estimated Premium Audit Bill From Carrier – Why? The estimated premium audit usually results from a lack of information provided by the employer. We just received an estimated premium audit and billing. for our worker’s compensation policy.  Why did this happen?  – A blog reader emailed this question earlier this

California Employers – 27% Premium Increase Recommended

California Employers May Face Large Premium Increase The California Employers Premium rate increase recommended by the WCIRB tallied at  27%. In my last post, I blogged my thoughts on how the California Workers Comp rates would increase in the coming years.  I had thought there would be an increase of

California Workers Comp System – Possible Changes Coming Soon

California Workers Comp System Upcoming Changes California has performed well in finding ways to control their runaway Workers Compensation system.  As I predicted a few years ago, the California Workers Comp system would see the return of insurers once the environment stabilized enough that carriers would be able to underwrite Workers

Best’s Recommended Expert Service Providers – J&L Named To List

Best’s Review Service Providers – We Made The Recommended List – Cool We have just been named to the 2009 list of Best’s Recommended Expert Service Providers.  Best’s Review requires that providers must go through a rigorous approval process to be listed in their online and printed directories. Update – We

California Workers Compensation System Amazing Turnaround

California Workers Compensation System Rate Reduced Significantly In Four Years The California Workers Compensation system rate decreased quickly over the last four to five years. While reading through a few on the online publications I receive every day, I came upon a statistic in the California Workers Compensation reform that

Workers Compensation Claims Adjuster – Friend or Foe?

The Job Of  A Workers Compensation Claims Adjuster A Workers Compensation claims adjuster – are they friend or foe?  Many years ago, I started out my career as an insurance adjuster trainee. The adjuster has more to do with your Workers Comp premiums than any underwriter, agent, or premium auditor.

Premium Auditor – What Information Can They Examine At Audit?

Workers Comp Premium Auditor Can Look At All Records  We often receive this question in a phone call from an employer who has just been through a Workers Comp audit.  The employer is usually frustrated that the insurance company’s premium auditor has asked for so much information. According to your

Insurance Carriers Becoming Very Assertive Workers Comp Audits

Workers Comp Insurance Carriers  and Premium Audits One of the major trends that we are seeing right now is that quite a few of the Workers Comp insurance carriers are becoming much more assertive on their Workers Comp audits.  In this economy,  one cannot blame the insurance carriers for trying to

Great Call From Tennessee on Workers Comp Audits

Great Call From Tennessee Today I received a great call from Tennessee that verified what I had been saying about Workers Comp policies and Workers Comp audits. The agent had a question about his client having a bad “gut feeling” about their recent Workers Compensation audit.  The agent then asked

SIC Codes For Employers More Frequently Overcharged Premiums

SIC Codes For Possibly Overcharged Employers I have been asked many times which employers seem to be overcharged more than others – by SIC Codes , State, Size, Insurance Carrier, Type of Premium Audit, etc. After looking back through our premium audit reviews that we perform for employers, I have



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