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November 2009

Insurance Carrier Or Agent Could Be Wasting Your Time

Insurance Carrier Claim Reserve Meetings Your agent or insurance carrier will be wasting your time for renewing policy. We have found that 60-70% of all Workers Compensation policies renew on January 1st of each year. That figure matches our client list percentages. We hear from some of our client that

Certificates of Insurance – Three Things To Remember

Certificates of Insurance For Workers Compensation Three things on Certificates of Insurance – This is a continuation of the last post. After reading the last post, you may be wondering if span of control over a worker determines if they are independent or not. I take the position that if a

Independent Contractors – Workers Compensation vs. IRS

IRS Tips On Independent Contractor vs. Employee One of the most controversial subjects in Workers Comp is how insurance carriers charge employers the proper premiums for independent contractors. Insurance carriers have begun to be very aggressive in declaring independent contractors as employees. The IRS, who has one of the best

Independent Subcontractors – Confusion on Classification Codes In NH

Independent Subcontractors Crackdown in NH not Classification Codes Some confusion on independent subcontractors versus Workers Comp classification codes occurred due to new New Hampshire rules. New Hampshire authorities have created a new Web site that allows the public to anonymously report companies believed to have misclassified workers as independent subcontractors.

Pinnacol Opposes New Colorado Bills

Pinnacol Opposes New Colorado Bills In State Legislature Colorado’s Pinnacol opposes quite a few Workers Comp Bills this week. I have seen articles over the last week that Pinnacol has opposed a number of bills that are now in the Colorado legislature. Most of opposition from Pinnacol is justified in

Workers Comp Judges Ruin Tennessee Workers Comp System

Bad Decisions By Tennessee Workers Comp Judges In Tennessee Workers Comp system the Workers Comp judges made a few questionable decisions. A recent decision by a Tennessee Circuit Court judge may cause a landslide of permanent total disability cases. This is the second horrible court ruling I have seen in

Workers Comp Class Codes 8810 and 8742 – Standard Exception Codes

Workers Comp Class Codes 8810 and 8742 Revisited The Workers Comp Class Codes 8810 and 8742 always generate a large amount of attention.  I receive a large number of comments and questions every time that I post on the NCCI and State Rating Bureau Workers Compensation Codes 8810 and 8742.

Workers Comp Audits – ‘Tis The Season

Upcoming Workers Comp Audits Most of the Workers Comp Audits are performed in February and March. Why? Most policies expire January 1 of each year. The insurance carriers will finish most of the premium audits for these expired policies by the end of March. We receive most of our inquiries and

Ohio BWC Overspends $20,000,000 on Pharmacy Program

Ohio BWC Monopolistic State Funds Mismanagement I thought I would leave the Monopolistic State Funds alone as I had bashed them heavily over the last few months. I then read articles last week that pointed out a very large mistake by the Ohio BWC – Bureau of Workers Compensation. The

Kansas Supreme Court Issues Opinion On Alternate Employment

Kansas Supreme Court Issues Questionable Decision The Kansas Supreme Court issued a bad opinion for Workers Comp this week. Someone had emailed me this decision No. 99,369 CAROLYN BERGSTROM, Appellant, v. SPEARS MANUFACTURING COMPANY AND ZURICH U.S. INSURANCE COMPANY, Appellees. I thought that it was just another Supreme Court Decision

Florida and California – Hard Market May Be Starting

Florida and California Hard Market Has the Hard market in Florida and California Started? One of the hallmarks of what I consider the start of a hard market is when one of the major players in the Workers Comp business pulls back on writing coverage. A few articles this week



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