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September 2013

Workers Comp Insurance Could Work On Federal Exchanges

Workers Comp Insurance on Federal Exchanges – A Future Possibility? Would Workers Comp Insurance work on Federal exchanges?   Workers Compensation has followed health insurance with an approximately 10-year lag. Obamacomp was a term first coined on this blog a few years ago.  One has to wonder how much of a

Florida Reverses Bad TTD Decision Saving Employers $65,000,000

Florida Reverses Bad TTD Decision The State of Florida reverses bad TTD decision saving employers $65,000,000 in Workers Comp payouts. Florida had previously declared the 104 week cap on Temporary Total Disability (TTD) benefits as unconstitutional.  I had even held it up as an example of how a Workers Comp

Federalization of Workers Comp – Possible Game Changer

Federalization of Workers Comp Marches On The National Association of Registered Agents and Brokers Act of 2013 has just been again backed  by the US House of Representatives.  There are many articles and this blog first had coined the phrase – federalization of Workers Comp which has been picked up

PMSI Progressive Medical Merger – Small WC Companies Fading?

PMSI and Progressive Medical Merger Causes Workers Comp Buzz PMSI and Progressive Medical Merger shows that small WC companies  may not exist much longer in the insurance landscape.  The buzz at the end of last week and over the weekend was the surprising merger of two Workers Comp service titans.

AOE COE – Similar to Tampa Bay Bucs Tynes Decision

AOE COE – Tampa Bay Bucs The AOE COE  is the Workers Comp acronym for Arising Out of Employment or in the Course of Employment. Lawrence Tynes was brought in by the Tampa Bay Bucs as a replacement for Connor Barth this NFL season.  Mr. Tynes is not happy as



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