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August 2015

Mod Increases To Over 1.0 – Five Bad Things Can Happen

Bad Developments With Mod Increases To Over 1.0 When a company’s Mod increases to over 1.0, it can rarely have no other effect to a budget other than paying more for WC coverage. Please note that the term Mod also can mean E-Mod (EMod), X-Mod (XMod), EMR, Ex-Mod, Experience Modification

A.M. Best TV – New Releases Three Times Per Week

AM Best TV – A Great Concept – Check It Out The new AM Best TV is a source that will provide interesting coverage of a large spectrum of insurance topics. Lately, it seems many providers are providing TV-like programming for the insurance industry.   One that I signed up

Work Comp Apps On iTunes – Only Two?

Work Comp Apps On iTunes – Two Will Not Do The Work Comp Apps on iTunes were actually astounding.  I had thought the Android – Google Store was bereft of apps until I visited the iTunes store. After browsing the store for 30 minutes, I came to the conclusion there

How Does NCCI Calculate Our Mod – Reader Question

How Does NCCI Calculate Mods – 33 Steps How does NCCI calculate our Mod ?   This is a blog/newsletter question that we receive almost weekly. This reader originally performed a Google search to find us.  We love the Google or Loogle (Hot Tub Time Machine). The NCCI (National Council

Will NCCI ARD Elimination Change Premium Audits? – Correction

NCCI ARD Elimination Change Premium Audits The NCCI ARD elimination has hit the Work Comp blogosphere over the last few days.  The ARD (Anniversary Rating Date) is covered in a guide by NCCI. The Anniversary Rating Date Guide  by NCCI covers the subject more than one could ever expect to see

My Favorite Android App For Work Comp Is Stretch

My Favorite Android App For Work Comp My favorite Android App for Work Comp is in the Google Store.  It is not listed under Workers Compensation in the Store. If you wish to find the apps that I recommended which were listed in the Google Store, please read the newsletter

Work Comp Doctor Will See You Now – In Your Home?

Work Comp Doctor Will See You Now A work comp doctor that will make house calls may seem to be very old-fashioned.   How about if the injured workers or their employers could make the house call appointment from a smartphone? Update-The Wall Street Journal very recently published a great

CorVel Android App Works Well

CorVel Android App The CorVel Android app worked well for accessing claim information. The Sedgwick app was covered last year.  Their app was the best of a very thin field in the Google Store.   Please note that I did not use the Sedgwick app again (viaOne Express) as it is

Mod Android App – EMC Smart Mod

Mod Android App A good Mod Android App keeps the calculation simple and straightforward.  Smart Mod ™ from EMC (Employers Mutual Casualty) is a one of a kind Experience Mod Android App. I found no other apps that tried to take on the E-Mod or X-Mod calculations. The app required

Android Work Comp Apps – 3 More Reviews

Android Work Comp Apps – Three Reviewed – All Good The Android Work Comp Apps (Apps) that I downloaded last week showed just how few companies are or were providing Google Play store apps. These app reviews may seem very short.  That is not a bad thing as complicated apps



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