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June 2022

Workers Comp Field Case Managers Still Great Risk Management

Why I Recommend Workers Comp Field Case Managers On Lost Time Files Workers Comp field case managers, also known as rehab nurses, can still be a great risk management method for lost time files.    Why do I devoutly recommend the field case managers on files?  Let us look at

Workers Comp Claim File Reviews – Trends Not Individual Files

Workers Comp Claim File Reviews – Avoid Looking At The Trees Workers Comp Claim File Reviews – Trends (Forest) Are Key Most Workers Comp claim file reviews tend to lean towards reviewing only one or two large files.  That method remains a good way to analyze only those specific files.

Medical Only Claims Analysis – Little Claims That Wreck Budgets

Workers Comp Medical Only Claims Analysis – Little Claims Can Explode I have written about performing a  medical only claims analysis quite often in the past.  Now that I am reviewing more loss runs, I still see a pattern that may make you rethink your worker’s comp loss run reviews. 

Why Do Loss Run Numbers Never Match Experience Mod Sheets?

Recent Reader Question  – Loss Run Numbers and Experience Mod Sheets Confusion One of the most frequent questions that we have received over the years is why the workers’ comp loss run numbers never match the info on the Experience Mod Sheets.   Let us look at three reasons why this

Fee Schedule Study By WCRI – No Surprises Found on Savings

Recent Fee Schedule Study – Shows The Same Result As Always – Important A recent fee schedule study was published recently by WCRI (Workers Comp Research Institute).   The recent fee schedule study came to the same conclusions as many previous studies by WCRI and other organizations.   Free Fee Schedule

Workers Comp Embedded Insurance For Small Business Can Backfire

Workers Comp Embedded Insurance Program To Other Policies Can Workers Comp embedded insurance cause problems later? When I was looking over the usual morning publications that I read for story ideas, I came across a great interview on embedded insurance from AM Best.  Do you subscribe to their daily newsletter? 

Workers Comp Dual Employment – Who Pays What To Injured Worker

Workers Comp Dual Employment – Paying Benefits For Another Employer – Hot Topic Likely due to the pandemic, I have come across quite a few situations lately where an injured employee was working for multiple employers at the time of the industrial accident.  Workers Comp dual employment situations occur more



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