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July 2022

Workers Comp Subrogation Crisis – Not Pursuing Third Parties

Continuing Workers Comp Subrogation Crisis – Money Still Being Left Behind In our claim file reviews, one area that claims adjusters seem to constantly miss is the subrogation aspects of a file.  If I did not see this as a Workers Comp subrogation crisis, I would not write so many

Workers Comp Policy Changes Can Occur Only One Way? Yes

How Can Workers Comp Policy Changes Occur? Only One Way – See How Workers Comp policy changes are a part of having coverage in place.  I have seen over 300+ changes to a policy in one year.  Yet, those changes can occur only one way – or are supposed to

UPS Unit – Office Lifesaver When Power Goes Out or Brownouts

UPS Unit – Saves The Day Hundreds of Times Per Year – Totally Worth It I sometimes write articles that have little or nothing to do directly with Workers Comp.  This article on the J&L office UPS unit is one of those non-WC bits of useful information. One of the

Workers Comp Guaranty Funds – Safety Net For Injured Employees

Workers Comp Guaranty Funds – Silent Running Workers Comp Guaranty funds become one of the most critical areas for employers, employees, and medical providers whenever the unthinkable happens in the claim process. Some states refer to Workers Comp guaranty funds as guaranty associations.   Each state has its own specific rules/laws

California Insurance Commissioner Lara Says No To COVID X-Mods

Implications of California Insurance Commissioner Lara Not Allowing COVID Data One headline that jumped off the page recently over a slow workers comp start to July 2022 was that California Insurance Commissioner Lara said No to adding in any COVID-19 data to the X-Mods.   Let us look at what was

Workers Comp Apps Extinct + Five Good Free Laptop Software Packages

Reader –  Why Are Workers Comp Apps Extinct and Good Free Laptop Software Why are Workers Comp apps extinct?  I used to cover any workers comp apps that I had seen in the past year.  My previous IT degree enabled me to analyze the apps fully.  The reasons that I



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