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November 2017

New Virginia Medical Fee Schedule – Closer Look

New Virginia Medical Fee Schedule Active on January 1, 2018 The new Virginia medical fee schedule for Workers Compensation commences in a few weeks.   I actually thought it would not happen for another few years.   The new Virginia medical fee schedule leaves just four states that do not have medical

US Congress Tax Bill Correction Mortgage+Student Loan Interest

US Congress Tax Bill Now Eliminates The Reductions on 401k 403b investment, BUT HOLD ON The US Congress Tax Bill that I mentioned last week now does not include the 401k 403b plan contribution reductions.   Great!  The Bill contained them at the time I wrote the article.   Now, it is

Workers Comp Markets May Be Heavily Affected By This

Workers Comp Markets May Depend On China’s Banking Situation (Really) The Workers Comp markets in the US have many ratios and market forces that show a soft market.  However, (not to be gloom and doom) one of the least discussed or analyzed market forces (as related to insurance) is China’s

Wisconsin Medical Fee Schedule Absence Very Expensive Option – WCRI

WCRI-Wisconsin Medical Fee Schedule Lacking A Wisconsin medical fee schedule would likely help out the Badger State.   WCRI ( Workers Comp Research Institute) recently updated its analysis of the Workers Comp environment in Wisconsin. One of the easiest ways to cut Workers Comp costs in a state is to enact

Safety Consultant Disagreed With Me On Article – His Take

Our Safety Consultant Glen Disagrees With Using Mod As Only Bellwether Our safety consultant, Glen, sent over an article in response to a recent article by me.   I always like to hear from the Safety realm as that is where a company can save on Workers Compensation premiums on the



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