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September 2007

Work Comp Subrogation – Third Concern When Ignored By Adjusting Staff

Work Comp Subrogation Additional Concern Work Comp subrogation has a kind of quirky standard definition. To me, it is the possibility of another party having to share the monetary responsibility of an insured incident or accident. I give the example in my manual of a company salesperson on sales calls

Temporary Agencies and Your Workers Compensation

Temporary Agencies vs. Workers Comp Temporary agencies or temp agencies have long affected the WC rating system. Another of the major concerns when I spoke at the NC Mid-State Safety Council quarterly meeting was temporary agencies. The three main concerns I have with temp agencies are: In the past temporary

Three Areas of Workers’ Compensation Concern In My Presentation

Workers Comp Concern  = Three Areas I have been out of action for about a week, as this is the end of our tax season. There were three areas that raised the most concern in my presentation at the North Carolina Mid State Safety Council. I will go over each

Workers Compensation Loss Prevention Does Not Stop With Accident

Workers Compensation Loss Prevention Keeps Going After The Accident Workers Compensation Loss Prevention – where does it end and begin? As I was reviewing my notes for my presentation tomorrow to the North Carolina Mid State Safety Council quarterly meeting, I noticed one common theme. Loss prevention does not stop



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