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March 2015

E-Mod X-Mod Reduction – #1 Question We Receive

E-Mod X-Mod Reduction Is A Very Popular Question E-Mod X-Mod reduction is by far the most popular question we receive from phone calls, emails, and in-person at conferences. How do we reduce our E-Mod today or something along those lines is usually the question.  There is no method for E-Mod

In Defense of Workers Compensation – System Still Works

The System Still Works-Defense of Workers Compensation The Workers Compensation System still works in defense.After reading articles deriding the Workers Compensation system, I thought something in defense of Workers Compensation would be appropriate.   I have often been a critic of certain Workers Comp systems, rules, court decisions, etc. One

Captive RRG Legal and Regulatory Environment – CICA Conference

Captive RRG Legal and Regulatory Environment Captive RRG Legal and Regulatory Environment – I actually attended five different sessions on Day Two of the conference.   There was a common theme to two of the sessions.  This article will be a combo article of that  theme. Captives and RRG’s  have always

CICA Your Actuarial Report – Understanding/Getting Most Out of It

CICA Your Actuarial Report – Maximizing The Findings The CICA Your Actuarial Report covered much ground very quickly for captives.  The exact title of the presentation was How to Understand and Get the Most Out of Your Actuarial Report. The very adept presenters were Michael J. Bemi, CPCU, ARM, ARe –

Using Reinsurance to Make Captive Structure – CICA Conference

CICA Conference – Using Reinsurance to Make Strategic Decisions Presenters – David Sullivan (AON Benfield), Paul McKeon (TransRe) and Brian Alvers (AON Benfield) (Re)Insurance Market Overview The worldwide total supply of insurance services has grown to $4.2 trillion in 2014.   There has been a steady growth in supply since a sharp

Reforms – WCRI Conference Texas, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Florida

Reforms – WCRI Conference Reforms – WCRI – States – Texas, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Florida presented on the effects of reforms that were enacted in each respective state. Texas- 270 insurance companies 2.2 billion in direct written premiums Texas had pre-reform- High medical costs– over-utilization Poor Return to Work outcomes

Selected State Reforms And Their Effect – WCRI – Blogging Live

Selected State Reforms And Their Effect Selected State Reforms And Their Effect – The Effects of An Increase in Maximum Weekly Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Benefits or Fee Schedules Impact On Medical Costs – Indiana – 18% of injured employees had hit the maximum, after the reform – 12% of

State By State Analyses – ALAE Allocated Adjustment Expenses – WCRI Blogging Live

ALAE Allocated Adjustment Expenses The ALAE Allocated Adjustment Expenses of state by state analyses. State by State Comparison of ALAE – represent 10 to 20% across States Moderator- Ramona Tanabe California highest overall Medical Management ALAE – Highest states are Louisiana and New Jersey- interesting that the top two did not

Price Impact – Workers Comp Fee Schedules WCRI Blogging Live

Workers Comp Fee Schedules WCRI Blogging Live Workers Comp Fee schedules have long been discussed in this blog.  One of the best methods for a reduction in the premium employers pay for WC is by instituting or modifying fee schedules. Workers Comp Fee schedules are a balancing act.  A fee

WCRI – Physician Dispensing Costs and Consequences

Physician Dispensing Costs and Consequences WCRI – Physician dispensing costs and consequences major findings Most reforms are price focused Prices paid for physician dispensed drugs decreased substantially after post-reform Fewer physician dispensed drugs after reform Reforms may not be sustainable due to new drug strengths 18 states made changes to

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Impact on WC Case Shifting – Live WCRI

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Impact on The Future of WC WCRI – Affordable Care Act (ACA) Impact on WC – Case Shifting was presented by Dr. Richard Victor– the outgoing Director of WCRI. A very popular question that WCRI receives very often. Whether or not the Affordable Care Act as a cost

J&L Risk Management Consultants – Cutcompcosts.com 20th Year!!!

J&L Risk Management Consultants I originally established J&L Risk Management Consultants, Inc. as  J&L Insurance Consultants, Inc  in 1996. In 1995, I called the company James J Moore, Risk Consultant for the first year.   J&L Insurance Consultants, Inc. morphed into J&L Risk Management Consultants Inc  as so many people



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