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June 2016

Work Comp Reserves – Why is June 30th Most Crucial Day?

Work Comp Reserves And The Unit Statistical Date Why do Work Comp reserves become so crucial on June 30th of each year?  Please follow along as there are a few steps to this assumption / reality. As mentioned often in this blog, the most workers comp policies renew on January

James Moore Presenter Insurance Academy Webinar On Adjusters

James Moore Presenter Insurance Academy Webinar – Adjusters J&L Risk Management Consultants founder James Moore will be presenting a very unique and informative webinar on July 14th, 2016. The sponsor of the webinar is The Insurance Journal’s Insurance Academy. The title of the webinar is  “Make the Work Comp Adjuster

Work Comp Adjusters – Settlement And Reserve Authority From Insureds

Work Comp Adjusters – A Controversial Subject Most Work Comp adjusters have a very strict authority level in the internal working of a claims department.   The subject of having to receive authority from the employer/insureds can often be an exercise in frustration. The previous blog article that I had written

Workers Compensation Cost Cutting – Silent Fifth Key

#1 Workers Compensation Cost Reduction Technique The art of Workers Compensation cost cutting is one of those specialized areas that may have been put on the “back burner”.   The new healthcare laws and other concerns have dominated the employer landscape over the last few years. Workers Compensation cost concerns seem

Workers Comp Premium Auditors Are Licensed In How Many States?

Should Workers Comp Premium Auditors Be Licensed? Are Workers Comp premium auditors actually licensed in any state?   This question was  posed to me on a contact form on this page. Agents, adjusters, and other insurance personnel have a license requirement in most states.  Why do all states not require workers

California CWCI Independent Medical Reviews – Other Statistics

California CWCI Publishes Quarterly Report on IMR Statistics – The Other Numbers The California CWCI (California Workers Compensation Institute) recently published a spotlight report on the state’s Independent Medical Review (IMR) process.   The IMR process was initiated due to Senate Bill 863. If a UR (utilization review) physician provides an

Do Work Comp Claim Analytics Really Work As Promised

Have Work Comp Claim Analytics Arrived? A Work Comp Claim Analytics package is something that I have been in search of for many years.   Can software actually replace the thinking process of an experienced adjuster? Last year at the 2015 WCRI Conference I met a few analysts for one of

Work Comp Laws For All 50 States And Canada – WCRI IAIABC

Work Comp Laws The Work Comp Laws for all 50 states and Canada used to be provided by the US Chamber of Commerce.   I remember their manual as always being slightly out of date.   However, it was a great summary to have on hand if you were handling or administering



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