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April 2015

Work Comp Medical Tourism – Thinking Way Outside The Box

Work Comp Medical Tourism – A New Frontier? The subject of Work Comp medical tourism was something that I scoffed at when I first heard about this interesting Risk Management technique.   However, when I started talking with one of the medical tourism bloggers – Richard Krasner – the subject

Nevada Workers Comp Gets Trashed By Unknowing (Again)

Nevada Workers Comp Gets Trashed By the unknowing of Nevada Workers Comp Gets Trashed again. Nevada Workers Comp has usually been mostly off-the-radar since converting from a state fund.   One of the main rumors was the number of companies grew when they left California for a better work environment including

2014 Workers Comp Prescription Cost Increase – Bargain

2014 Workers Comp Prescription Cost Increase The 2014 Workers Comp Prescription Cost was actually a bargain when compared to the general public’s cost increase.  The results were totally surprising as I had thought the increases would have been very similar. The Google search results from link for 2014 Workers Comp

Medical Cost Containment Inventory From 51 Jurisdictions – WCRI

Medical Cost Containment Inventory From 51 Jurisdictions WCRI Releases National Inventory of Medical Cost Containment Initiatives Adopted In 51 Jurisdictions.   Last week, WCRI (Workers Compensation Research Institute  released an authoritative work on the initiatives adopted nationally. Medical costs have almost become runaway when compared to indemnity costs in most

Loss Cost Multipliers – The Real Numbers That Carriers Charge

Loss Cost Multipliers Examples Last week, an article was published on this blog in reference to Loss Cost Multipliers.   The article received a large amount of traffic.  A few questions were emailed to me on how Loss Cost Multipliers generate  what a carrier actually charges for Workers Comp premiums.

Workers Compensation Industry – Lagging In Technology

Workers Compensation Industry – Lags in Tech The Workers Compensation industry seems to be very far behind in any type of technological advancement.    Last year, I decided to explore what Android Apps were available for the Workers Compensation industry.  Six months ago, the same search was repeated in the

Classification Code 8810 – Final Answer?

Classification Code 8810 Classification Code 8810 may not be the final determination for many clerical office employees at the time of the workers comp premium audit.   Classification Code 8810 NOC (Not Otherwise Classified) is a Standard Exception Code. We receive a large number of inquiries from employers when, during

Rate Reductions – One Of Most Misleading Statements In WC

Rate Reductions Rate reductions news published by a state rating bureau or NCCI is always a very positive statement in an industry led by negativity. The rate reduction news is then re-published over and over again by various Workers Comp outlets.  There is still one piece of the puzzle that

California’s Workers Compensation Difficulties – Great Primer

California’s Workers Compensation Difficulties California’s Workers Compensation difficulties may have subsided for a few years.  However, it seems that it was only a temporary situation. Workers Compensation Action Network (WCAN) recently responded to ProPublica’s and NPR’s analysis of Workers Comp in California.   A recent responsive article was also published



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