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May 2018

Workers Compensation Class Code 9015 – Most Reclassified in 2017

NCCI Names Most Reclassified Workers Compensation Class Code 9015 The Workers Compensation Class Code 9015 has long been a source of confusion for agents, underwriters, and premium auditors.  NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance) reaffirmed the confusion by naming the Code as their most reclassified code. In the past, NCCI

Workers Compensation Reserve Increases – 10 Reasons For Huge Ones

Workers  Compensation Reserve Increases 10 Ways To Cause Huge Reserves Most Workers Compensation reserve increases can be controlled by employers.   Let us see how employers cause huge ones below.  Some of these come from the Six Keys To Saving On Workers Comp insurance that I wrote in the 1980’s. The

Micro-Captives (Offshore) Still on IRS Dirty Dozen List – At Bottom

Offshore Financial Arrangements Including Micro-captives Still On Watch List Most micro-captives are a legitimate way to offshore the self-insurance of Workers Compensation benefits.  The IRS released its list of the Dirty Dozen for 2018 a few months ago.   Offshore financial arrangements filled the #12 of 12 spots. Micro-captives, better known

Predictive Analytics Is Now Opioid Buzzword Replacement

Predictive Analytics Replaces Opioid Buzzword Predictive Analytics for workers compensation claims adjusting still has not proven itself as a cost saver.   Please note that I am referring to workers compensation only.    Predictive analytics for other lines of casualty insurance such as auto and property damage has shown some promise

Google Panda Penguin Penalties Can Pigeon Hole Blog

Google Panda Penguin Penalties The Google Panda Penguin penalties can wreak havoc on a long standing blog.   J&L Risk Management Consultant’s blog experienced the wrath of the penalties a few years ago.   However, the wrath was due to a change in the rules, not anything we were doing wrong at

What Is A Workers Compensation Permanency Rating?

Question From One Of Our Devout Readers on Workers Compensation Permanency Rating A Workers Compensation Permanency rating can also be called a PPD Rating or Permanent Partial Disability Rating. Each state is very distinct on how they handle permanency ratings.     PPD ratings by physicians differ in some states.  For



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