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December 2017

Workers Comp Automation Can Replace Claims Adjusters

Workers Comp Automation – Can A Claims Adjuster Be Replaced? Workers Comp automation on reserving, payments, diaries, etc. has been discussed for at least 20 years.  In fact, an article I wrote over 10 years ago covered the accuracy of automated reserving software.    I had forgotten the article in

Workers Comp Loss Prevention Throughout Claim = Loss Reduction

Workers Comp Loss Prevention Should Never Stop Workers Comp loss prevention and claims loss reduction should be considered as the same function – just more defined. When I present at safety or risk management conferences, one of the subjects I cover is the continued involvement of the safety officer or

Workers Comp Call or Email – #1 for 2017 Is No Surprise

Most Popular Workers Comp Call or Email We Received in 2017 The Workers Comp call or email we received most in 2017 actually came from Risk Managers or business owners. The company had a premium audit coming up in the next few weeks or days.  Some of the calls or

Certified Return Receipt Mail – Old School Workers Comp Life Saver

Certified Return Receipt Mail – Workers Comp CYA The use of Certified Return Receipt Mail may seem out-of-date in the age of Facebook, Twitter,  etc.   However, when the chips are down, having that little green card in your Worker Comp file is like a stroll on the beach – very

2018 Workers Comp Resolutions – Look Back At 2017 Resolutions

2018 Workers Comp Resolutions Are 2017 Refinements My 2018 Workers Comp Resolutions must start with, of course, the 2017 Resolutions.  BTW, Self Insureds will be on the dais next week.   So, let us get to it.   The thirteen 2017 resolutions were: (sorry if you have triskaidekaphobia).  Understanding the mechanics of



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