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November 2013

Best Premium Audit Software For Employers – You Have It

Best Premium Audit Software The best premium audit software may already be right in front of you and costs nothing to use.  We receive many calls every week where an employer is very anxious about their workers comp premium audit.  One of the main questions is how to properly prepare

California’s WC Reform(?) Produces Startling Numbers

California’s WC Reform Not Yet A Cost Saver A few startling numbers from California’s WC Reform are listed below.  One wonders if the reform is working or if not enough time has elapsed to the differences.   Workers Compensation Action Network (WCAN) recently published a press release and email on

Doc In A Box – Bad Name For Great Risk Management Technique

Great Risk Management Technique with Bad Name – Doc In A Box This Great Risk Management Technique known ass Doc in a Box deserves a better slang term.  The Five Keys To Workers Comp Savings that I wrote 25 years ago have as their key savings component – medical control.

Statistical Madness – Another Shining Example From Internet

Statistical Madness – Eating While Driving  More statistical madness was created with another shining example this month. Over time, a few Workers Comp statistics articles are published that basically have no basis in fact.  For example, many pundits said that California SB 863 was going to save employers large amount

Predictive Model For Workers Comp Misunderstanding

Prior WC Predictive Model Article Was Referring To Claim Reserves Last Friday,  I published a blog article on a predictive model in Workers Compensation.  A few emails were received that indicated there were many great software products for predicting E-Mods and other variables in Workers Compensation. In the original article,

Workers Compensation Predictive Modeling Will Never Work

Workers Compensation Predictive Modeling One of the more popular buzz phrases now is Workers Compensation predictive modeling.  If  one looks at any of the WC groups on LinkedIn,  there are many discussions on this very matter. There are many predictive models on WC.  Those models usually leave the observer with



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