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July 2017

Independent Contractor Employee Checklist Employers Contractors

Independent Contractor Employee Checklist The independent contractor employee checklist answers quite a few of the question we receive when I write an article on independent contractors.    Yesterday, I wrote an article that included all the IRS independent contractor information.  I came across this info at the Hawaii Work Center

IRS Contractor Employee Rules – Updated Web Page With Videos

IRS Contractor Employee Rules Have Been Updated The IRS Contractor Employee rules assist business owners with who can be considered independent contractors or employees.  Each state’s Workers Comp rules may have their own employee vs. contractor tests.   The IRS Contractor Employee rules supply a great basic place to start

Work Comp Rate Bureaus Becoming Credit Bureaus?

WC Rate Bureaus and The 1.01 Employer Conundrum All Work Comp Rate Bureaus consider an employer with a 1.0 Mod as your average employer in reference to accident rates and severity.  However, as I wrote in my last article millions are on the line if a Mod increases above 1.0.

Experience Mod Of 1.01 Can Cost Company Millions – Important

Experience Mod Of 1.01 Can Negate Large Private or Government Contracts An Experience Mod of 1.01 does not necessarily indicate that a company operates unsafely.   We have received many questions over the last three to your years on this situation. Over the past 30 years, I have presented and



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