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October 2009

Workers Comp E-Mod X-Mod Forecast Errors By Expert

E-Mod X-Mod Forecasting Errors Due To Unit Stat Date Workers Comp E-Mod X-Mod calculating errors.Recently, I had come across some work from two so called Workers Comp “experts” that had guaranteed the accuracy of their E-Mod/X-Mod predictions for their client employers. I had thought this was interesting and decided to

Workers Compensation Award Won Again By This Blog – Lexis Nexis

Our Blog Won Another Workers Compensation Award From Lexis Nexis Our blog won another Workers Compensation award this week. This blog was recently named as one of the Top 25 Blogs on Workers Compensation for the 2nd year in a row by LexisNexis. We wish to say thank you to

Premium Audits – Paying Manufacturing Rates For Office Employee

Can Premium Audits  = Manufacturing Rate For An Office Employee? When can premium audits generate manufacturing rates?   Two weeks ago, I posted on how two computer programmers could be rated as manufacturing employees at the year-end premium audit. Unfortunately, I did not complete the next posting on the subject.

Compsource In Oklahoma – Same Old Story Just Different State

Compsource In Oklahoma The carrier Compsource in Oklahoma may change to a private company. I have been traveling in Oklahoma over the last few days. One of the hot news items is that Compsource is looking to go private. Compsource is a quasi-governmental insurer of last resort for Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation MSA Claims Monitoring – Threshold Key

Monitoring Workers Compensation MSA Claims I received a question about how to monitor workers compensation MSA claims for Workers Comp. Please check the last post for the definition of a Medical Set Aside or MSA claim. The best way to monitor the MSA – sometimes called WCMSA is to examine

WCMSA – Workers Compensation Claims Premiums Federalized 1980

WCMSA – How Workers Compensation Became Federalized The WCMSA rules by The Center For Medicare/Medicaid services (CMS  have been in place for years.  I received a large number of questions on the subject of Workers Comp Medical Set Asides (MSA’s). The previous article on MSA’s was the most popular article

Workers Compensation Medical Fee Schedules – Not In These States

Workers Compensation Medical Fee Schedules Workers Compensation medical fee schedules do cut comp costs. After my last post, I received the question – Which states still do not have a fee schedule for their Workers Comp medical bills? After some research, I found out that there were now only five

Tennessee Workers Comp Health Costs Controlled By Fee Schedule

Tennessee Workers Comp Health Costs Lowered Fee schedules for Tennessee Workers Comp health Costs work reduced medical costs in the state without question. Most of the Workers Compensation data has shown that medical costs have been outpacing all other costs in Workers Comp claims. Medical costs are now approaching 60%

Workers Compensation Crimes – Eight Important Definitions

Eight Workers Compensation Crimes In Every State The Workers Compensation crimes listed below denote serious violations.  Last week, I posted on J&L being referred to as a rebating company in a presentation at the annual ISO conference. We, of course, are not a rebating company. Rebating is highly illegal. I

Being Named As Rebaters – Sign of Success?

Named As Rebaters – J&L Risk Management at ISO Conference J&L was recently named as rebaters at an ISO conference.I had heard many times of the saying “You know that you are successful when bad things are written about you.”  I am not sure of the saying’s source. At a

Federal Government Heavily Involved in Workers Comp For Years

Federal Government  and Workers Comp Insurance I have posted often in the last few weeks in reference to how and why the Federal Government has been pushing to enter more regulations on Workers Compensation insurance including 24-hour healthcare coverage and a federal insurance office. I have not commented on how

Senate Bill – Workers Compensation Could Be In Trouble

Federalization Of Workers Comp Senate Bill The Senate bill to Federalize insurance and Workers Comp appeared on the radar this week. . Last week, I posted on 24 hour coverage and its negative effects on the Workers Compensation process. I had thought that bill would be the last we would



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