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February 2010

CMS Press Release on Medicare Set-aside Arrangements Delay

CMS Press Release on Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements Recently, the CMS Press Release on medicare set-aside arrangement was released.  The following is the press release from the CMS website on the insurer TPA reporting requirements. This was the result of the memo covered in my previous post. I also added in

Dreaded CMS Memo Round 2 – Users Guide – Confusion Reigns

User’s Guide – Help with Dreaded CMS Memo The dreaded CMS Memo now has a User’s Guide.  I had previously written about the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requiring that all the states begin report all of their Workers Comp data to the CMS on January 1, 2010.

Colorado’s Pinnacol Is Willing To Pay $200,000,000 For What?

Colorado’s Pinnacol Pays $200,000,000 Did Colorado’s Pinnacol just buy its independence?  I usually am able to comprehend most things that happen in the World of Workers Comp. When I read the headlines that Pinnacol is willing to pay $200 million to have more autonomy, I was flabbergasted, to say the

CompScreen System Has Been Updated For 2010

Updated CompScreen System Now Available Our CompScreen system (R) for marketing our services has been updated for 2010.  I do not like to use the blog to inform our marketers of updates. Quite a few of our marketers read the blog, but not our email updates.  If any of our

Workers Comp Premium Audit Bill Payments – Correction

Workers Comp Premium Audit Bill Payments I need to make a correction on workers’ comp premium audit bill payments. I do not go back and change any of my prior posts. I decided to add in a post to lessen any confusion on my last post. One of my colleagues has

Workers Comp Carriers Cancel Policies For Late Payment of Premiums

For Late Payment Workers Comp Carriers Cancel Policies According to the Workers Comp it can carriers cancel policies for late payment of premium.We recently received a great question about Workers Compensation carriers cancelling policies for late payment of premiums that resulted from a premium audit. Yes, a Workers Comp insurance

Experience Modification Factor (EMod/X-Mod) Credit Score From Hell

Experience Modification Factor (EMod/X-Mod) Is Like A Credit Score The Experience Modification Factor can be thought of as a credit score. There have been many articles written recently on the upcoming credit law changes effective February 22nd. The articles made me think which is the hardest to improve or correct

Premium Audit Bill – Call To Action – Five Things To Do

Premium Audit Bill – Five Things To Do The five things that you should do with a premium audit bill.  I am going to let everyone in on a little secret. Where does most of our employer premium audit business come from overall? We very often receive emails and phone

Ohio Workers Comp Crisis Was Rumbling For Few Years

Ohio Workers Comp Crisis Comes To A Head The Ohio Workers Comp crisis reached a fever pitch this month.   I have not mentioned Ohio for a few months. Ohio is one of the few remaining monopolistic state funds where the state is the only insurance carrier. Recently, a county

Federal Insurance Office (FIO) May Have Effect on Workers Compensation

The New Federal Insurance Office (FIO) The new Federal Insurance Office for Workers Comp was commenced by a financial reform package.  The Workers Compensation and other lines of insurance will be federalized. I have received questions on the newly legislated Federal Insurance Office (FIO). I mentioned it as a probable part

Best’s Directory Recommended Us Again for 2010

2010 Best’s Directory Recommended Us Again The Best’s Directory of Insurance Expert Service Providers once again named us as one of their recommended service providers for 2010. We were also named to the directory in 2009. Along with our two awards from LexisNexis, the blog and our company have been awarded

Medicare Set asides – Federalization of Workers Compensation

The Federalization of Workers Compensation – Medicare Set-asides The medicare set-asides rules have been law for quite a few years.   I have posted often on this subject lately as I think we are seeing the trees in the forest. I want to try to examine the forest in the Workers

Class Codes 8742 and 8810 Revisited

Revisited Class Codes 8742 and 8810 Some of the most read articles on my blog involve Classification Codes 8810 and 8742. These two class codes can sometimes be very confusing as they are very general. They cover so many jobs and job functions in a company. There is one caveat to



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