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May 2013

What Will Workers Comp Industry Look Like In 10 Years?

Workers Comp Looks To Change In A Static Industry The Workers Comp industry always wonders what the landscape will look like in 10 years. Recruiters, Supervisors, and/or HR Departments will usually ask this question at some point in the job interview.  “Where do you see yourself in 5, 7, or

Affordable Care Act Mentions Workers Comp How Many Times?

Affordable Care Act Mentions Workers Comp __ Times? I am one of the people that actually read the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) just after it was passed by the House.  The main reason was to see if Workers Comp was affected or mentioned directly in the Act. The searchable PDF

Is a Post Audit Policy Switch Good Idea For Most Companies?

Post Audit Policy Switch Can Be A Disaster If Knee Jerk Reaction A post audit policy switch may not be a good idea in most cases.  The penalty incurred may be significant. I received this question over the holiday weekend.  Our recent premium audit by the Workers Comp auditor indicated

Audit Dispute No Explanation Great Way To Alienate Carrier + Agent

Audit Dispute With No Explanation Can Create Bad Vibes A premium audit dispute with no explanation of why it was disputed can wreck your Workers Comp system. We are quite often brought into a dispute that an employer has with their insurance carrier’s audit.   One caveat to disputing a

Bill Review Companies PPO or MPN Networks Worth Their Fees?

Bill Review Companies – A Hot Topic in Risk Management The Bill review companies and their PPO or MPN network  created a large amount of positive buzz until recently.  Some have come into question over the past few months. One of the most popular requests we receive is to analyze

Liability Insurance Premium Audit and Policy Reviews – New Service

Liability Insurance Premium Audit  and Policy Reviews We have been performing Workers Comp policy and Liability Insurance premium audit reviews for many years.  The need for liability audit and policy reviews became very apparent when I attended the NSIPA Conference a few years ago. There a very few, if any companies

Occupational Therapy – Great Return to Work Technique – Worth It?

Occupational Therapy Can Be Worth The Expensive Costs  Most Occupational Therapy programs provide a great return to work technique. Many years ago when I was “riding” a WC claims desk, a file in New Hampshire had a type of provider I had not seen before in my career.  The physical

Rehab Nurses Risk Management Technique – 16 1/2 Suggestions

Rehab Nurses As a Great Risk Management Technique One of my long-standing Risk Management technique is the prudent use of medical and vocational rehab nurses (also known as case managers).  A great in-field rehab nurse can save thousands if not tens of thousands of reserves and payouts on a file.

Are Apologies New Risk Management Technique?

New Risk Management Technique Involves Apologies? Claims Magazine recently featured an article pondering the benefits of apologies by claims adjusters.   Shockingly, there are 37 states that prevent apologies from an insurance company being held against them in court.   The article centered around property claims.  A quote from the article

Oklahoma – Is Opting Out Really Worth It To Be Like Texas?

Oklahoma – Is Opting Out Going To Be Worth The Trouble? Oklahoma made a very bold move this week to allow opt out programs for Workers Compensation coverage.  “Coverage” may not be the right term as no insurance carriers will be involved with the opted-out companies. One of the concerns



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