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November 2014

NWCDC Temp Nation – California AB 1897

California AB 1897 Changes The Temporary Employee – Employer Relationship The upcoming effects of California AB 1897 caught me slightly by surprise.  Many states had discussed laws that reinforced the ladder of insurance.   This new statute addressed it directly. I tried to blog live on many of the sessions

Ethics in Workers Compensation – Blogging Live – NWCDC

Blogging live – Ethics in Workers Compensation Ethics in Workers Compensation is still very important.   This presentation covered ethics in claims handling very thoroughly.   Many states now require adjusters to have three hours of ethics at time of license renewal.  I think  the ethics component should be even

Using This Blog For Your Own Purposes, Mobi Site, Weekly Newsletter

Using This Blog + Mobi Site + Newsletter Mobi Site, Weekly Newsletter, and using these articles for your own purposes were a few housekeeping items that need to be covered now. There are almost 1,400 articles on this blog covering everything concerning Workers Comp savings for premium payers and self-Insureds.   

Workers Comp Conference Searching For Innovation In Las Vegas

Las Vegas Workers Comp Conference – Innovation The largest Workers Comp conference occurs this week in Las Vegas.  The conference covers both  national and regional issues.  The proceedings start tomorrow with the keynote speaker tomorrow through November 21st.   I will try to blog live some of the conference live if

Medical Marijuana Basis For Discrimination Lawsuit

Medical Marijuana Basis For Lawsuit Medical Marijuana is now a  basis for a discrimination lawsuit.  New Mexico issued a very bad ruling last year that required an employer in the state to pay for a claimant’s marijuana prescription.  This broke through an important barrier where marijuana is accepted as a prescription

No Fee Schedules Cost Employers WC $ – Virginia Update

No Fee Schedules Cost Employers $$$ The lack of Fee Schedules cost employers dearly in extra workers compensation premiums. After looking at the chart again from yesterday’s article on WCRI’s 16 state report on medical costs, there is an obvious trend that is very apparent on Workers Compensation medical costs.

Private and Public Employers– Pending Unit Stat Date

Upcoming Important Date – Pending Unit Stat Date The pending Unit Stat Date creates a deadline that private and public employers should mark on their calendars. A large percentage of private employers and  most public entities renew on July 1st. In most policies, the Experience Modification Factor, better known as E-Mod

Blogger To WordPress Conversion A Complicated Mess

Switched Blog From Blogger To WordPress We are back up and running after we switched from Blogger to WordPress. The process was similar to a tooth that you know needs to be taken care of by the dentist. In March 2013, we switched to a WordPress-based website. The old blog



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