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February 2016

Workers Comp Policy Includes Five Important Parts To Remember

A Workers Comp Policy Is Similar To All Insurance Policies A Workers Comp policy has five parts to it. Each part of the policy is important.  Some are more important than others, but all part of a policy should be read, even if it is slightly boring. The five parts

Mobile Site Is Fixed – Dates Corrected – Full Access To 1,625 Articles

Cutcompcosts.com – J&L Risk Management Fixes Mobile Site Our mobile site was malfunctioning.  Thanks for the many emails letting us know something was amiss. We researched the problem and corrected it.  We were using date suppression software to allow for easy searching that totally whacked the mobile system.  At the

Hawaii Monopolistic State Fund – Shocking Possibility

The 50th State May Create Hawaii Monopolistic State Fund The idea of a Hawaii Monopolistic State Fund may not just be a subject tossed around by Workers Comp aficionados.   A new piece of legislation referred to as House Bill 2715 may change the Hawaii WC landscape permanently.   Please

James J Moore To Conduct Insurance Academy Webinar February 25th

Webinar – Destroy Your Competition Using Workers Comp Loss Runs James J Moore, AIC, MBA, ChFC, ARM founder of J&L Insurance Consultants, J&L Risk Management Consultants, and Cutcompcosts.com will conduct  an Insurance Academy© Webinar on February 25, 2016 at 1:30 PM Eastern Time.   The link to sign up for

Answers To Workers Compensation Questions – Outside US

Answers To Workers Compensation Questions The answers to workers compensation questions below are from this Cutcompcosts article from last week.   The theme is Workers Compensation Outside the US.   Follow the link to the original article for the questions.  Thanks.   The pic has nothing to do with WC.

Workers Comp Articles – Outside of US

Workers Comp Articles The 1,530+ workers comp articles on Cutcompcosts cover some of the topics outside the US.  I will try to cover more of those in the upcoming weeks. The last workers comp questions and answers were very popular.  Below are questions that pertain to WC outside of the

Work Comp Answers – See Article From Yesterday

The Work Comp Answers The Work Comp answers to yesterday’s cutcompcosts.com article are as follows – if you have not read the previous article, it is advisable to do so as this article may not make sense as a standalone.  Links are provided to the associated articles  What is workers

Work Comp Questions Top 10 Most Misunderstood Potpourri

Top 10 Work Comp Questions From Our Readers The top 10 work comp questions originate from the emails and calls we receive every month.   The answers to these are actually in this blog.    Answer them – then search for the bolded terms.   You never know, you may know the answers



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