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December 2012

Opt-Out or Non-Subscriber Programs – New Report By Rousmaniere

Opt-Out or Non-Subscriber Report Just Published A new report was recently released on opt-out or non-subscriber services for Workers Compensation.  The report can be found here.  The report should be given a thumbs up by all that read it.  Please note the report is a very large PDF that will

Workers Comp Insurance Agents Are Overloaded In December

Workers Comp Insurance Agents Overloaded In December If you are renewing your Workers Comp policy from now until January 10th, do not be surprised if your insurance agent is not available.  Insurance agents are very overloaded as the highest percentage of Workers Comp policies renew on January 1st. Trying to get

NCCI Report On Auto Accidents Has Interesting Subrogation Numbers

Auto Accidents Report Has Interesting Side Statistics The NCCI report on Auto accidents. NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance) is the largest rating bureau in the nation.  Their statistics cover 21 or more states.   One of most dangerous places to work is in your automobile according to their report.

North Carolina Legislature Corrects Workers Comp Privacy Mistakes

Workers Comp Privacy Mistakes Corrected For Now In North Carolina North Carolina’s Workers Comp privacy advocates had a field day earlier this year.   I think the entities that stood to benefit the most was the 30,000+ businesses that still yet today, have no Workers Comp insurance. As you can

Federal/State Health Exchanges Could Be Used For Workers Comp

Federal/State Health Exchanges Could Become Modified PPO Could Health Exchanges be used for Workers Comp markets?   The Death of Workers Comp is one of the most read posts on this blog.  I still receive a few emails  disagreeing with it in total.  The Federalization of Workers Comp was a term

Workers Comp Premium Audit Season Prep Work Required

Workers Comp Premium Audit Season Over The Next 3 Months Workers Comp premium audit season is upon us again.  Why do I designate this time of year as premium audit season? The largest number of premium audits for WC are performed from January – February of each year.  Why would

State of Texas Workers Comp Report Shows Progress and Savings

Texas Workers Comp Report Looks Very Positive A state of Texas Workers Comp report shows progress and savings.  Texas and California always seem to be microcosms of what is occurring in Workers Compensation nationwide.  Last week, I came across the “Biennial Report of the Texas Department of Insurance To the 83rd Legislature.” You may want to

Workers Comp Employment Numbers Show Stability

Workers Comp Employment Numbers Employment numbers for Workers Comp were surprisingly stable over the last few years.  The Insurance Information institute article that I referenced from yesterday’s post on Workers Comp and The Fiscal Cliff  indicated the recent employment numbers for property casualty (P/C) were not diminishing whatsoever. The insurance employment

Will Workers Comp Fall Off That Nasty Fiscal Cliff?

Nasty Fiscal Cliff – Will Workers Comp Fall Off It? Will Workers Comp be affected if we all fall off that nasty fiscal cliff ?  I think we first need to define what exactly is the fiscal cliff.  According to the article from the link: “The now infamous phrase was coined

Make Sure Your Policy Payroll Matches Your Budget Forecast

Does Your Policy Payroll Match Your Budget Forecast? Your policy payroll should match up with your budget forecast.   Payroll and certain benefits – known as remuneration among the Workers Comp premium auditors – should match your budget for your next policy year.  Just copying the payroll figures from your

Pennsylvania Risk Manager Pockets $490,000

Pennsylvania Risk Manager Bills His Own Employer A central Pennsylvania county Risk Manager is able to illegally bill his own employer – Dauphin County – twelve times over five years.  The amount of money that was embezzled was a staggering $490,000.  The most amazing conclusion was that no one checked on



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