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February 2012

Oklahoma Creates Opt Out System For Workers Comp

Oklahoma Creates Opt Out System The new buzz on the Workers Comp blogs is Oklahoma’s decision to pass Opt Outlaws that will create a system similar to Texas. I am wondering if the process was thought through enough before implementation. One of the better older articles on Opt-Outs is this

Illinois – Expensive State For Workers Compensation?

Expensive State For Workers Comp-Illinois  The State of Illinois ranks as one of the most expensive.  I was reading over the Illinois Abstract on Workers Comp from WCRI. Even though there was a supposed reform in Illinois over the last few years, the Workers Comp costs have remained high.  A

Are Nurse Practitioners Better For Workers Comp?

Nurse Practitioners For WC Can Be A Cost Saver In my last post, I covered how plant nurses can save employers $$. I mentioned Nurse Practitioners (NP’s) as one of the recommended types of plant nurses. I received a few inquiries on exactly who are NP’s. Nurse Practitioners do have

Plant Nurses – Are They Worth It – E-Mod LDF Results Take Time

Plant Nurses Is A Great Risk Management Technique We have found that our recommendations for plant nurses have worked out very well for our higher E-Mod/X-Mod clients.  They are indispensable for proper medical referrals and to treat minor injuries.  In some cases, they have saved lives in serious injury situations.

North Carolina Workers Compensation Medical Fee Disputes

WC Medical Fee Disputes The procedure for Workers Comp medical provider fee disputes has changed.  You can find the link here or the new rules are published below.   You will need a PDF reader to view the document.  You can also print this blog post.  I tried to make the

Fatigue Risk Factor Same As Alcohol Risk – Risk Management Shocker

Shocker – Fatigue Risk Same As Alcohol Risk Can fatigue risk be similar to alcohol risk? There were many questions, comments, and web traffic on this blog from the post last week on Fatigue Risk Management. I thought research on Google would aid me in finding some other material. I

Fatigue Risk Management – Cutting Edge (Or Is It?)

Fatigue Risk Management ( FRM) One of the best studies I have seen in quite some time on workplace Risk Management was a recently published analysis on Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) – see this article. It is from the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. The subject is not

Premium Audit Bill Mistake Made By Employers

The Most Common Premium Audit Bill Mistake A devastating premium audit bill mistake occurs when no payment is made by the insured.  The Workers Compensation premium audit bill is one of the most posted subjects in this blog. There are two reasons for the numerous postings. They are: We receive

Virginia Has High Medical Costs Per Claim According to WCRI

High Medical Costs Per Claim In Virginia A recent study by WCRI indicates that the state of Virginia has one of the higher medical costs per Workers Compensation lost time claim. WCRI’s recent study included 16 states. Virginia’s average medical cost per claim was 22% higher than the median state.

Opioid Abuse In Workers Compensation

Opioid Abuse The growing problem of Opioid abuse in WC. This subject has been covered very well in Mark Wall’s Group on LinkedIn – Work Comp Analysis Group. If you are a member of LinkedIn, I highly recommend joining the group. I cannot link directly to the group as it

Premium Audits and Bathroom Breaks – Revisited Once Again

Revisited – Premium Audits and Bathroom Breaks The question on bathroom breaks and premium audit required a revisit.  I have received a large number of responses to the questions that I posed on this post. One of the independent auditors that I have known for quite some time added a comment

Premium Audit And Bathroom Breaks For Computer Programmer

Workers Comp Premium Audit Question I received a question this week from one of our blog readers that had this WC Premium Audit question. “I have an employee that walks across a corner of our manufacturing plant to go to the bathroom. On our recent premium audit, the auditor changed the

Texas Supreme Court Says Temps Are Employees For Workers Comp

Texas Supreme Court Exclusive Remedy According to an article in Business Insurance, the Texas Supreme Court ruled that even temporary employees are to be covered under a company’s Workers Comp policy. The case is Casados v Port Elevator. A similar ruling was handed down in Texas approximately 10 years ago.

California Workers Comp Costs Growing Quickly

CA Workers Comp Costs The quickly growing Workers Comp costs in California places it as the most expensive state.  I was perusing an article from the Workers Compensation Action Network that contained a few astounding statistics. If you are in CA or want to see what your Workers Comp situation may



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