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April 2018

Workers Compensation Reserves – How Does Adjuster Set Them?

Workers Compensation Reserves – The Illusive Moving Target All Workers Compensation reserves have a common element.   Very few, if any, employers, actuaries, underwriters, agents, and any other players in this hybrid insurance understand how reserves are set – other than the adjusters themselves. By the way, that is a graphical

North Carolina Appeals Court Medication Decision – FDA Shocker(?)

 North Carolina Appeals Court Says RX OK Even If Not FDA Approved A North Carolina Appeals Court rendered a very interesting decision earlier this month that was a shocker..  I am not saying whether or not I agree with the decision.  Those kinds of decisions are best left to the

Reserve Review Schedule – Are You Behind Or Ahead?

Reserve Review Schedule – Important Upcoming Date For January 1 Renewals A reserve review schedule can save many headaches if your company has a January 1 renewal.   January 1 remains the most popular date for renewals by far. July 1st is the second most popular date.  Most governmental entities renew on

Insurance Academy – Presenting – Webinar Tomorrow 130 PM Eastern

Insurance Journal’s Insurance Academy Presentation by James J Moore The Insurance Academy that is part of the Insurance Journal invited me to do a free-form presentation tomorrow at  1:30 PM Eastern. I decided to do one on how sub-contractors and contractors have been shut out of contracts for a .01

XMod Formula Simplified(?) By California’s WCIRB

California’s New XMod Formula Looks Simple – But Is It Really? A new XMod formula was recently introduced by California’s Workers Compensation Rating Bureau (WCIRB).  By the way, why is this important?  As I have often mentioned in my articles, what happens in California may be coming to a Workers

Asia Workers Compensation Error Correction On Old Post

Philippines and Thailand Do Have Policies in Place – My Workers Compensation Error A Workers Compensation error was made by me on one of my old posts.  I had to correct the error once I realized that many Asia countries had Workers Compensation coverage.    Even the countries that are



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