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February 2018

Workers Comp Premium Auditors – External Employer Info Examined Often

Workers Comp Premium Auditors and Underwriters Data Sources Most Workers Comp Premium Auditors and Underwriter have become very sophisticated in examining external data for employers.  After listening to various webinars, attending conferences, and interviewing different insurance personnel, I made a list of data sources that are now used by insurance

New IRS Subcontractor Rules Straight From Their Website

New IRS Subcontractor Rules Revisited Each Tax Year The New IRS Subcontractor rules now contains a helpful brochure better known as Publication 1779.    As with the prior year, the three areas that determine whether a subcontractor should be reported as an employee are: Behavioral Control Financial Control Relationship of

Workers Compensation Medical Networks Save Bundle – Used Properly

Proper Use Of Workers Compensation Medical Networks Key To Employee Health And Savings Workers Compensation Medical Networks have always provided a large return on investment.  Injured employees receive the best medical treatment and the employer cuts their workers comp costs.  The insurance carrier or TPA claims staff being able to

Twilight Zone Phone Calls Avoidance – Timely First Reports Of Injury

Twilight Zone Phone Calls Reduced By Fast First Reports Of Injury Twilight Zone phone calls not only irritate a claims staff.   They can also cost plenty at time of policy renewal. I coined the term Twilight Zone phone calls many years ago.   I have written a few articles on the

J&L Risk Management Consultants Accomplishments This Year

J&L Risk Management Consultants Accomplishments –  Recent News A few, actually, 15 J&L Risk Management Consultants accomplishments were attained this month or will be reached next month. We will start our 23rd year next month – whew! James J Moore, reached his 2,000th article written this month The blog has

Volunteer Workers Comp Benefits Can Be Elusive At Best

Volunteer Workers Comp Benefits – Payable or Not? Volunteer workers comp benefits confuses many in the industry.   One of the first mistakes I made eons ago when I was a desk adjuster involved me only paying medical benefits to a volunteer injured while on the job – or off the

Workers Comp Small Deductible Correction – Woops (My Mistake)

Workers Comp Small Deductible Programs Reduce Costs More In Certain  States Most Workers Comp small deductible programs result in premium savings.  However, in certain states, the savings can be much larger. I decided to write a few corrections this week.  In 2009 – yes, that far back in time, I

Wisconsin Workers Comp Conundrum – Who Is or Is Not Employee?

Recent Court Decision Causes Wisconsin Workers Comp Conundrum For Temporary Agencies A recent  Wisconsin Workers Comp Appeals Court decision redefines the definition of an employer and employee.   My definition of exclusive remedy is – Employers cannot be sued in tort/civil court if a valid workers comp policy that covers an

2018 Soft Market or Just Reactions To Changes In Mod Structure?

Is A 2018 Soft Market For Workers Comp Here or Is It Something Else? A 2018 soft market began to show up in some of the data this year.  In fact, over the last week I have been interviewed for articles on the current WC market conditions. Interesting enough, the



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