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September 2010


Term Of The Day – Continuance A continuance is a postponement of a court hearing or law suit until a later date. During a workers compensation

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Product Liability Suit

Term Of The Day – Product Liability Suit A Product Liability Suit is a lawsuit brought on by an employee against a third party and not

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Relapse Benefits

Term Of The Day – Relapse Benefits Relapse benefits are workers compensation benefits that are received when a worker experiences a relapse or recurrence of a

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Concurrent Employment

Concurrent Employment The Concurrent Employment benefits cause confusion in workers comp claim departments if the adjuster is not informed of other jobs worked by the

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Disability Rating

Term of the Day – Disability Rating Industrial accidents are rated on a scale or schedule in order to provide a reference point for physicians, insurance

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Utilization Review

 Term Of The Day – Utilization Review In order to deem a medical treatment viable and necessary, insurance claims administrators will often perform a utilization review.

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Occupational Disease

Term Of The Day – Occupational Disease An occupational disease is a disease that is contracted by a worker during a period of employment. Common

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Qualified Medical Evaluator

Term Of The Day – Qualified Medical Evaluator If a workers compensation claimant disagrees with a diagnosis given by a network doctor, a qualified medical evaluator

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