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August 2020

Workers Comp Recorded Statements – Now A Lost Art?

Whatever Happened to Workers Comp Recorded Statements? Not too long ago, workers comp recorded statements appeared in every file where the injured worker received any type of weekly comp benefits – a mailed check. Workers Comp Recorded Statement Requirements Some of the requirements were: a recorded statement of the injured

Workers Comp Mega Claims – My Different Definition

Workers Comp Mega Claims From A Claims Standpoint A meeting notice caused me to write this article on Workers Comp mega claims.  If you have not signed up for the webinar and you have anything to do with workers’ compensation, please go here and sign up.  Yes, I registered earlier

Workers Comp Ladder of Insurance Very Important Term in 2020

Workers Comp Ladder of Insurance – Subs of Subs Become Employees Early in my career, my insurance company employer sent me to what was a whirlwind of legal terms and concepts known as subrogation.   I took notes until my arm cramped with pain as I know this was important information. 

Automated Workers Comp Medical Only Claims Not A Solution Yet

Automated Workers Comp Medical Only Claims vs. Human Intervention Two different presenters this month spoke on automated workers comp medical only claims.  In fairness to the presenters, I will not mention their names or companies.   Their presentations were better than most that I have seen on this subject. The ideas

Workers Comp COVID-19 Numbers Are In – Think Again

Workers Comp COVID-19 Numbers – The System Does Not Work That Way Many prognosticators and the press have all rushed to publish or make sense of any Workers Comp COVID-19 numbers including claim counts and rating information. Unless I missed something over the last 30 years, the numbers are like

California Workers Comp Contractor Vote – Prop 22 on Ballot

Uber or Lyft Driver – California Workers Comp Contractor vs Employee – Prop 22 One of the most heated online and in-person (before COVID-19) debates that I had witnessed in California – Is an Uber or Lyft driver a California Workers Comp Contractor or an employee? Some of the most

Telecommuting Employee Accidents – The New Work Comp Paradigm

Telecommuting Employee Accidents – Risk Management and Claims Nightmare? The Coronavirus pandemic grew what was a “cottage industry” type job to one of the most popular jobs in existence today.   Most telecommuting employee accidents will involve in-home hazards. Let us look at the: Previous telecommuter articles – check out the

How Do I Find Exclusions In My Insurance Policy DICEE

Exclusions In My Insurance Policy – Look For The First E in DICEE. The article comes from a reader’s question – where are the Exclusion in my insurance policy and are they the same as Declarations? The answer to the question is no the Exclusions in an insurance policy are



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