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Whether you call it Workman’s Compensation, Workmen’s Compensation, Workers’ Compensation, Work Comp, or Workers Comp, it is still the same, silent budget killer. Workers’ Compensation is one of the most complex and confusing components of your insurance budget.  Premium audits, experience modification factors, classification codes, reserve reviews, and state regulations & statutes all add to the chaos. The question as to whether your company is being overcharged is not an easy one to answer. Only by working closely with your carrier, third-party administrator (TPA), or your insurance agent can the answer be found.  Contact J&L Risk Management Consultants when you are ready to cut your workers comp costs from premium overcharges, over-reserving, or when you need an expert witness.  We have been in business for  30+  years providing consistent and accurate services for companies and organizations of all types and sizes.  We save companies millions in premium every year. See how we do it.

Errors and overcharges occur in over 50% of all policies. 

Reduce Your Premiums, Recover Overcharges & Dispute Audits.


Six Keys To Cutting Workers Comp Costs

Our founder James Moore speaks to many different groups on the Six Keys.  The keys have varied very little since the 1980s.  The first four keys originated in the late 1980s when James worked as a multi-state workers compensation adjuster.

James added two additional keys in the last 20 years.  The last key – Adoption of the Keys by Management could have been included with the original four keys.  James realized that only a small percentage of employers used the keys to reduce their workers’ compensation expenditures.

James added the Sixth Key to round out what he noticed as the proper way to reduce workers compensation budgets and premium.  Without management’s involvement, the keys end up as dusty manuals on a shelf or an old computer file which had not been accessed for months or years.

The Keys appeared first in one of two manuals that James offered for sale before the Internet and blogging became so popular.  Most of the Keys have been added into the blog over time.  If there was one task that employers needed to accomplish to cut comp costs, James added that key to the list.

According to James, “The main overall key to saving on workers’ comp expenditures is just paying attention to the silent budget killer.”  James added that any employer that turns their attention to payments if self-insured and premiums for voluntary market insureds naturally sees their workers’ compensation budgets shrink over time.

Our Award-Winning Workers Comp Blog

One of the most useful aspects of our website is an informative blog. We have provided over 2,000 articles to our readers free of charge.  

J&L’s blog contains no advertising.  All the articles were written by our founder James J Moore, AIC, MBA, ChFC, ARM.  James’s articles appear in many worker’s compensation websites.  Over the years, many websites republished his articles.  

Publications such as WorkersCompensation.com, Work Comp Central, Work Comp Analysis, Bloomberg News, and Entrepreneur Magazine included various articles from the blog.  

James wrote all the articles except for a few who were added by our OSHA Consultant Glen.  A few guest authors provided very interesting posts.   Some of the other competing websites use paid ghostwriters to supply articles for their blog.  

The best way to find what you need is by using the search box on any page of the blog, except this landing page.  

The blog and website won many awards for being updated frequently and for the material presented to the readers. If you like an article, click on the category at the bottom of the article.  The category search provides many associated articles.  We revamped our article structure in early 2019.  

We currently are working on providing more accurate information on our meta descriptions.  Inaccurate meta descriptions have been the bane of many Google, Bing, and other search engine users.


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