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Free Speech

Are you looking for a great free speech for an upcoming function of your association or group?

We offer a free speech on Workers Comp topics of the day.  We are a cutting-edge national Worker’s Compensation (WC) Consultant Company. As we do not sell insurance products, we are able to give advice that is not influenced by commissions from insurance carriers.  We are sure you have seen the significant increases in your members’ Workers’ Compensation insurance over the past few years.

Our presentations apply to any state and to any type of WC insurance policy.   We can do presentations on any applicable requested topics. 

Interested in our Free Speech Offer?

Please contact us at (800) 813-1386 or [email protected]
if you are interested in our Free Speech Offer.

Free One-Hour Presentation

We are currently offering a free one-hour presentation on the Secrets of Workers' Compensation.

Our free presentation covers:

  • How WC premium overcharges occur in over 50% of all policies
  • WC insurance terms and definitions
  • Why accurate Classification Codes are critical to your premiums
  • How an Experience Modification Factor is calculated
  • How Temp/Leased Employees can affect your premiums
  • Protecting your WC policy when using Subcontractors
  • Red Flags on your WC file reserves with a real world example
  • Alternatives to First Dollar WC Insurance
  • Fraud
  • WC supplements to inured employees
  • WC court case update
  • The Six Secrets of Saving WC $
  • Medical management of WC claims
  • Offset provisions for unemployment and other benefits
  • Calendar of when to get involved with your WC policy

* Emergency is considered less than 45 days from the date of the presentation.
** Travel, meals, and lodging will be the responsibility of the association or group for our free speech offer.


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