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July 2015

Risk Safety Pro Search Is Like Finding Good Plumber

Risk Safety Pro Search – Leaky Pipes? Finding a good Risk Safety Pro Is a Lot Like Finding a Good Plumber.  It took me 36 semester hours i.e. twelve classes to earn my M.S. degree in Human Resources. But you don’t have to go thru all that time and expense.

Work Comp Apps – My Rabbit Hole Journey For Technology

Work Comp Apps – How Many Exist My last foray into the Work Comp Apps for Android was very frustrating  yet indicative of the minimal innovation/technology in this industry. The last attempt to find any useful apps in WC world ended up with a few that were not disguised attorney

Subcontractors And Statutory Employees IRS Publication 15-A

Subcontractors And Statutory Employees Classifying Subcontractors And Statutory Employees can be a difficult task for  any business.  A great publication on employee classification is IRS Publication 15-A (PDF File) along with this IRS webpage. This is not to be confused with classification codes. One of the more informative sections from the

Subcontractors FLSA – Department of Labor v IRS

Department of Labor v IRS – Subcontractors FLSA IRS guide to subcontractors FLSA vs Department of Labor. The FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) was enumerated by the Department of Labor’s (DOL)) interpretation of  recent Supreme Court decisions. We received two emails on Monday with questions on how to determine the

WCIRB Long Tail Medical Expenses – Great Study

WCIRB Long Tail Medical Expenses – 30 Year Study The WCIRB Long Tail Medical Expenses Study was one of the better studies I have seen from them over the years.   The WCIRB of course, is Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau- California’s Workers Comp Rating Bureau. The study covered 30

What If Workers Comp Was Eliminated Tomorrow?

Workers Comp Was Eliminated – Then What? What if Workers Comp was eliminated in the Sunshine State or any other state for that matter? The Florida State Supreme Court will very likely rule on the constitutionality of Workers Comp in the near future. Let us look at the insurance landscape

Ohio BWC Premium Refunds Issued For $255 Million

Ohio BWC Premium Refunds Possible The Ohio BWC premium refunds were issued this week to 24,140 overcharged employers across the state.   The Ohio BWC originally had an almost $1 billion ruling to pay for premium overcharges. There are many articles on the situation in this blog. The Ohio BWC

California WCIRB Rating Formula Major Changes

California WCIRB Rating Formula The California WCIRB rating formula changes for January 2017 stood out in one of their recent press releases.   The WCIRB (Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau) is the rating organization for WC similar to NCCI. Before I start to analyze the press release, the WCIRB personnel



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