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February 2008

North Dakota Workers Compensation Program Woes

North Dakota’s WSI If you have been reading any of the recent Workers Comp publications, you may have seen some mention of North Dakota very intense problem with their Workers Comp Department – Workforce Safety and Insurance, or WSI. I have read at least 20 articles on the investigations of

Captive Taxes Decision – IRS Recently Shocks With Recent Ruling

IRS Decided No Captive Taxes For Now IRS shocks with no captive taxes decision. One of the most hotly debated and controversial topics since the bid-rigging accusations have hit the Workers Compensation world. The Internal Revenue Service has performed a complete U-turn on attempting to tax captives upfront, or actually not

Workers Comp Policy Error Chances High – Look At Old Article

 Workers Comp  Policy Error – The Probabilities Finding a workers’ comp policy error can be a complicated search.  How many chances are there for errors with a Workers Comp policy, premiums, or reserves?  If one thinks about all of the inputs into a worker’s comp policy, reserves, or premium audit,

National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI)

What Is The NCCI? The ( NCCI ) National Council on Compensation Insurance is based in Boca Raton, FL. They perform the Workers Compensation rating calculations for employers and insurance companies in over 20 states. Even the states that do not use them for their rating calculations base their Experience

Self-Insureds – Really Out of Workers Comp System?

Self-Insureds In or Out Of The Workers Comp System? I often hear when talking about Workers Compensation self-insureds that they do need to worry about the trials and tribulations of the Workers Comp system as it is today. Actually, even if you are self-insured, the Workers Comp system is still

Follow up Question to Last Post By Devout Blog Reader

One of Our Regular Blog Readers  Has A Follow up Question The follow up question on our software comes from one of our regular blog readers. We have received quite a few questions about the software that we have developed for analysis for Workers Compensation policies, premiums, E-Mods, and reserves.

Loss Run Review Question From J&L Article Reader

Loss Run Review Question From Reader A Loss Run Review Question From One of our Blog Readers – In one of your earlier blogs, you said that Workers Comp monthly or quarterly loss runs are like gold to an employer. What are the deadlines for reviewing them to try to

J&L Risk Management Consultants Inc – Question From Our Blog Readers

Our Blog Readers Questions on J&L Risk Management Consultants Inc The Blog Readers question about J&L Risk Management Consultants Inc history. Can you give me a quick history of J&L Risk Management Consultants Inc? Without sounding like an ad, I started J&L Insurance Consultants, Inc. in 1996. I was originally

Claims Affect Premiums For How Long – Reader Question

Claims Affect Premiums For Multiple Years How do claims affect premiums for my company? This is a question we receive very often. The first thing to look at is the state laws and rules on how your E-Mod or X-Mod is calculated. That will have some bearing on the length

Safety Person Should Be Most Concerned With This Number

A Safety Person vs. The X-Mod or E-Mod Is there one number that a safety person should be the most concerned with in their job?  I have asked this question often when presenting to Loss Prevention, Safety Engineers and similar positions. The answers that I often hear are: Number of



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