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December 2007

Now You Have Loss Run Online Access-What Do You Do Now

Loss Run Online Access Is Just The Beginning You have online access or you have all of the loss runs – what do you do now? You will mainly be concerned with just the reserving part of the claim for now. One of the important points to remember is that with a

Work Comp Loss Run Reviews – Getting Online Access Saves Time

Workers Comp Loss Run – Online Is Best Your work comp loss run reviews are beyond critical in cutting your workers comp costs.  Obtain a copy of your current Workers Comp loss run for all claims less than 5 years old. If you have online access, that will help greatly.

Worst Case Scenario Workers Compensation Definition

Workers Comp Claims Worst Case Scenario The worst case scenario on your Workers Comp claims. These words send chills through me like no others in anything that deals with Workers’ Comp. I did not like to say them when I was an adjuster long ago, and I do not like to

List of Red Flags That You May be Overpaying Workers Comp Premiums

Red Flags – Could You Be Paying Too Much For Workers Comp? Red Flags for Overpaying your Workers Comp premiums are listed below.  Most of these show up in almost all of our Workers Comp premium audits. You will need to think back over the last five years on your Workers

January 1 Renewal Date Can Cost you $ On Your Workers Comp Premium

January 1 Renewal Date Costly Choice Usually, a January 1 renewal date will end up costing your company more in Workers Comp premium.  Addressing this situation is one of the easiest ways possible to reduce your Work Comp premium. Renewing your policy on January 1st is akin to shopping on

Workers Comp News – West Virginia Wants Oversight Committee

West Virginia Workers Comp News A great Workers Comp news article from West Virginia started a buzz on the newly converted state. I ran across an interesting article recently about one of the states that we have had quite a few clients in – West Virginia. Some of the legislators there

Workers Comp Agent Asks Two Questions About J&L Review Services

Two Popular Workers Comp Agent Questions A Workers Comp Agent recently asked me these two questions yesterday.   The questions were a great reminder to write an article on this very subject. Almost every  Workers Comp agent asks us the same two questions each time they wish to possibly use

#1 Question on Workers Comp From Our Readers

Our Readers #1 Question The #1 question we receive from employers usually involves a premium audit bill. Q: I have just received an audit billing of $47,500 from our Workers Compensation policy from last year. What do I do now? My total premium for last year was $93,000. The bill is



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