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February 2017

North Carolina State Auditor Says 52,000 Uninsured For Workers Comp

North Carolina State Auditor Audits Industrial Commission  Beth Woods, CPA the present North Carolina State Auditor issued a rather stinging report on the Industrial Commission’s lack of oversight in the area of uninsureds. Please note this is not counting the micro-companies that have less than 4 employees.  The report pointed

Safety Incentive Plans – OSHA’s New Posture

OSHA’s Surprising New Posture On Safety Incentive Plans This article on safety incentive plans was written by our ept Safety Consultant Glen Dulac. Always remember that a well-crafted safety incentive plan will bring dramatic results in moving your safety program from good  to great.  Studies show as much as a

WALSH Test For Jurisdiction Appears Again in North Carolina

North Carolina WALSH Test For Jurisdiction The WALSH test for jurisdiction in Work Comp claims has shown itself in a North Carolina Court of Appeals case.   I was taught this very important test when I was an adjuster trainee  some time ago for a major carrier. I find it amazing

Opioids and Marijuana – WCRI Conference – Big Time Discussions

Opioids and Marijuana Discussed @ Upcoming WCRI Conference The sessions will run consecutively – two interesting topics for Work Comp Opioids and marijuana will be two of many great topics.  WCRI is hosting their annual conference on March 2 -3, 2017.   I have attended the last five meetings and

North Carolina Workers Comp Uninsureds – I Made Terrible Mistake

Too Conservative On North Carolina Workers Comp Uninsureds The articles which were written on North Carolina Workers Comp uninsureds were to me an overestimation.  I had written various articles on my shock and dismay that over 30,000 companies in North Carolina had no workers compensation coverage. Some of the articles

Workers Comp Mentor – Take Ten Seconds with Mr Rogers

Mr. Rogers And Your Workers Comp Mentor Your Workers Comp mentor is someone that you owe a large favor.  We sometimes forget how much that special person in our business lives meant to us. I was actually searching through websites that had given the J&L Risk Management Consultants  a bad backlink.

Workers Comp Hot Buttons Top 10 Recycled Again

Workers Comp Hot Buttons Recycled Every Few Years – Yawn! The Top 10 Workers Comp hot buttons never seem to be new.  The topics are recycled again and again as newfound topics of the press and in most WC conversations. If one thinks about it for a few minutes, has

Workers Comp Assigned Risk Pool – Wait Our Company Mod Is 80

Workers Comp Assigned Risk Pool For Safe Companies? This workers comp Assigned Risk Pool question is usually from an employer that is totally exasperated at the work comp system.  How does such a safe company end up in the workers comp assigned risk pool? The Assigned Risk Pool is unfortunately



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